1000w mh/hps, LST, SCROG, DWC. First Grow

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    This is my first grow and i'm all legal. right now i'm growing in my walk in closet until i build a room in the garage. i got a 1000w mh/hps sun systems lamp and 350 actual watts daylight cfl's. For the soil plants i'm using the fox farm line up of soil and nutes. (ocean forest, growbig every other watering.) For the hydro set up i built some BB's. Thank you Rump! Using gen. hydro and the lucas system in them. Great results. next time i'm going all BB's. I'm also trying a SCROG. the plant on the left has 2x2 squares and the one on the right has 3x3 squares. i plan on vegging for ten more days, next system change, then start flowering. i hope to have a co2 system by then. i have 2 blower fans, 1 for intake and 1 for exaust. The temp. stays between 80-90 deg. and hum. 35-50%. There is also 2 oscilating fans in the room to keep air flowing. How's my girl's look?

    Edit:March 7, 2010 Day 29 of flower. Also moved to a 10x10x10 room i built in my garage + many new additions. now running 2,600 watts hps, A/C, D/H, & co2.
    Pics. on Last Page.

    Update: week 5 of flower. Bud porn page 9

    Update: week 6 1/2 of flower. New bud porn on page 10

    Update: 4-2-10-Harvested Urkle today. pics. page 11!

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  2. Looking nice an lush. Best of luck.
  3. I love the SCROG setup you are using. I am looking to do something similar.
    Did you make that trellis? If so, could you run by me how you made it? Your girls look so healthy and I've been told over and over that LST is the way to go.
    Good Luck btw.:wave:
  4. Thanks man. yea i made it out some 1" x 1/2" lumber. drilled my holes spaced every 3 in. and ran tie wire to make a grid. very simple. works great too. you can make your squares what ever size you want this way. definatley gonna want to lst to get a good full screen.
  5. Beautiful plants, man, and a super clean setup. But seriously, with a 1000 watter, what's with the cfl's? LOL They're just gettin' in the way of the lumens coming from your 1K! :p
  6. well, my closet is L shaped and the scroged plants are kinda tucked in the corner. and i already had the cfl's from before i got the 1000W. they will come out when i start flowering though. i should have another HID lamp by then to cover all girls real nice.
    thanks for the input.
  7. Looking nice!! I going to have to do the scog myself:D
  8. What's LST? Scrog is honestly the only way to go & buckets, buckets do pretty gut as well. Just curious, how far is is the 1000 watter off the ground to the plants? Looks like you have the green touch.
  9. my light is about 3 - 4 feet from my canopy. i can only raise it another foot or so, by the time flowering is almost done they will probly be touching the light. my ceiling is 8 ft.
    LST is Low Stress Training, basically bending your branches over and tieing them down. this gets more light to the center of the plant and makes more tops pop up from all over! there are some good videos on it on you tube. it makes it really easy to scrog a plant after it's been lst'd for a while. thanks for the input.
  10. oops. by trellis did you meen my cfl's? That's just a bunch of lamps i got from thrift stores and tore them apart. i got some splitters from the hardware store. the lamps, or what's left of them, are hanging from a shelf. sorry if i answered wrong the first time. i'm baked 24-7
  11. Thanks for the info on LST. I might have to try that out.
  12. just make sure you make nice smooth bends and don't kink the branches. good luck.
  13. Jesus thats so cool man! you'll get sooo much bud. i think next time i might
    stick a screen in my box and give that a go
  14. thanks. i sure hope so. i'll update some pics. tommorow. wait till you see it now!
  15. I don't know if this would be considered an LST or if you ever heard of this technique but when my seedling sprouted; I placed her in the dark for 3-5 days. I drew my curtains open so some light would reach but of course made her ST-------R--------ETCH. She was sprouted in a 1" rock wool cube placed in a plastic cup filled with soil. I rapped her stem in a circle around the outer edges and buried it. Now she's super bushy. Just trying different techniques and playing around. But it looks like the stem is turning up a decent root system :)
  16. Nice setup. You'd be perfect in our group of HID'ers.
    I'm pulling up a chair.
  17. i guess it is a form of LST. got pics? let me know how she turns out.
  18. cool. thanks. update coming soon. i built a new 10x10x10 room in my garage.
  19. They look really good, how many weeks of veg in the first pics, 6 or so? Also when you build your garage room, I might suggest a mix of rigid and flexible ducting. Flexible is a LOT easier to deal with and cheaper (I have rigid at the walls and flexible to and between my 2 hoods 600w+400W.
  20. hey thanks. the ones in scrog have been vegging for about 6 weeks, the BB's have been vegging for 3 weeks. yea i got flexible and rigid ducting. rigid for the walls and flexible for between the lights. great pot heads think alike.

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