1000w Lighting w/ Timers

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  1. Having a slight problem with the ON mode on timers. Lights work plugged into outlet fine, they also work plugged into the timer fine. They go off fine. Some days they are having trouble kicking on.
    They are run on its on 240/15amp circuit so draw isn't the problem.

    Friends that use timers, which works for you. It seems to me the relay is just not letting the light fire sometimes. I trust someone in here has had the same problem.
  2. Never seen it myself. To be completely honest I'm not even sure what brand of ballasts I've got without looking when I get home. I run $20. "strip timers" from Home Depot which allow 6 items to be plugged into the same digital programmable (2,000 watt) timer. Been running the same (two, 1,000 watt) lights and timers In the flower room for the last 7 years now, firing Hortilux EYE HPS bulbs in them with never an issue turning on or off.

    This sounds like it could be a timer issue. Do you have a spare different timer around?

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  3. I have used both a Hydrofarm analog timer and just bought an intermatic analog timer. The jury is still out on the intermatic.

    Could it be the ballast even though it goes on right away when plugged into the wall?

    I already replaced the mogul socket.
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    Using 240v I can personally highly recommend a Intermatic mechanical pool timer. As long as there is power this mechanical timer will just keep on ticking. ~$70 IIRC.


    PS: There are only three functional parts to a mag ballast and IME the ignitor and/or capacitor are what have failure but you should eliminate the potential weak links,the timer, such as you are doing before replacement of ballast parts.

    The pool timers work ecxellent to answer your Q. Cheers!
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  5. These get wired directly to the timer, correct?
    So no plug in socket?
  6. It is just really odd because the timer will work like 4 days in a row and then they won't kick on some random day.
  7. That's how they're designed but they can be wired directly to a 240 receptacle and then just plug it in. Line in, load out....
  8. Thanks Possuum!
    I'm going to keep reading up because plenty of people have told me they are using the exact timers I have been using with no problems.
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  9. Troubleshooting one has to eliminate the potential failure points. Excluding power fluctuations you have 4: the 3 ballast parts and the timer. If the ballast fires and lights as it should the 3 ballast parts are probably OK but you have to check. If true that leaves only an inexpensively made timer that's the likely cause.

    With your 240v requirement you are limited in choices for timers.
  10. FWIW, I've disassembled one of the little 120v analog timers. They are really simple designs but they do have a little circuit board with a resistor or two. These electronic parts can be easily damaged by dirty power or a power surge. Just saying that they're not bullet proof designs.

    Heavy line in requirements require some heavy duty copper and brass. 20 amps is not a light load (as an example)
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  11. What type ballast are you using, and what kind of bulb?
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  12. There's a voice of reason lol! Somehow I read into his post he was running a mag coil.

    Think I'll go eat some worms...
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  13. I run a 1000w dimmable digital ballast (Lumatek)
    1000w Hortilix eye HPS
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    I don't think there are easy ways to diagnose the circuits in a digital ballast much less repair them. Right now it appears your path of least resistance to fix this problem is to eliminate/replace the timer and see what happens. IDK....:bongin:... good luck mate and think about a pool timer for your 240v needs...:bongin::bongin::bongin:...just saying :smoke:
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  15. OK. I'm not saying for sure that this is your problem, but...

    I've had issue with Hortilux bulbs and digital ballasts in the past, just as you've described. I had just switched from magnetic ballasts to digital and bought myself a brand new Hortilux bulb (MH though). Things worked fine for 4-5 days, then I began having issue with the bulb not firing up. I even had a brand new replacement ballast sent to me thinking that was the problem. Same deal. Went to the 'dro store to see if the bulb was faulty and it worked fine in their fixtures using magnetic ballasts. It was then that I was informed that Horilux bulb tech' had yet to switch over so that their bulbs were compatible for use with digital ballasts. Perhaps that's still the case?

    Anyway, I bought a different brand of bulb and haven't had any issues since...
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  16. That is pretty interesting. I wonder if anyone else has had these issues.

    I'm wondering what everyone else running a 1000w HPS is running as far as timer, ballast, bulb, etc...
  17. Boy, can I relate to your post! LOL When we first got our room up and going and started flowering off batches of plants, I found absolutely NO timer that I could actually depend on to work correctly for any length of time. For months, I tried different brands/types without success. Now, I'll admit that I never ordered a timer from one of the grow houses that was specifically designed for growing, but I tried everything else I could get my hands on and none of them would consistently work. I finally had hubs buy an industrial grade time clock at the electrical supply and make our timers. We have one time clock that handles two sets of lights or basically contains 2 timers. We veg 24/0 so having one for veg isn't an issue. But since he put that thing together, we've never once had a timing issue with the lights. I can't tell you what peace of mind that is. LOL I wish I knew of some type I could recommend, but wasn't lucky enough to find one. Good luck!! TWW
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  18. See if this sheds any light upon your situation...

    The timer isn't the problem. It has to do with the wave form frequency (square vs. sine) emitted by the ballast and whether or not the bulb being used is compatible to said frequency form...

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  19. This does make sense. But here is the magic question? Do I get a new bulb or a new ballast? Haha
  20. I ordered a 1000w Ushio HPS. I have used both their 400s and 600s with success. This Hortilux was the first time I've ever has any lighting issues.

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