1000w LED's flowering Pure Kush

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  1. I thought I would share this grow with everyone. I'm always being asked how my LED's are doing. I have vegged with LED's with great success. Under a 300w LED's, I'm able to veg 3 months with little loss on the oldest growth. I built another flowering room to be dedicated for LED flowering.

    For this example I have a Pure Kush that I have vegged for 3.5 months! She is a monster measuring in at 40" by 60"!! She is laid out pretty good. I have cut some leaves but most I have tucked under.

    I hope everyone enjoys my grow!! I have some pictures and will be setting up a link to even watch some videos. I welcome any questions.

  2. Here is one at 1 and nearly 2 months

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  3. Right outta veg into flower. Before pulling branches down

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  4. Pics after I have spread out again. 3.5' by 5'!! She is a monster ready go grow some massive buds. I hope.... :)

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  5. Here is a Pure Kush I just finished with. She was vegged with LED and flowered under HPS. Fire smoke and something to compare my new Pure Kush under strictly LED's to!

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