1000w hps in 4x4x6 tent questions

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  1. hey everyone, I'm looking to set up a 4x4x6 tent with a 1000w 8" air cooled hood( outside tent>duct>fan 720cfm>hood>duct>exhaust into attic)

    With a 6" carbon filter(filter>fan 400cfm>duct>exhaust to attic)
    And a passive intake pulling in air from an air conditioned 72 degree room.

    My questions are will this set up be enough to keep the tent cool ? And will the 6" exhaust be enough to create the negative pressure needed for a passive intake?
  2. Looks good to me. That's a pretty common size for a 4x4. It's tough to cover a 4x4 with a 600 watt unless you add some side lights. Being in a tent you have to go vented hood and that limits the light footprint. Using vented hoods I wouldn't go bigger then 4x4 with 1000 watts. You need open hoods to cover 5x5 well and those don't work in tents.
  3. If just the fan will be enough or not to cool is going to depend on your local conditions. 72 degree intake is already pretty warm. It would be better if you can work the home ac a little harder or add a window unit to the room. You can try it first.

    My buddy was able to cool a 4.5x5 area running 2000 watts with just fans and no ac. That's in Alaska though.
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  4. lol definitely living in a warmer environment then Alaska, how much lower do you think I'd have to make the ambient temp ? if that fails what else could I do to control the temperature with out burning a bunch of money on a portable a/c unit. I really want to make a 1000w work in the 4x4 tent. But starting to think it may be a safer bet to just accept a smaller yield with a 600w and not have to stress over temp problems. Or am I just over thinking the whole thing ? Lol
  5. I think it can be done. I've seen 2000 watts cooled with fans and we do hit 78 degrees outside on the hottest days of the year. Nobody here has home ac hardly because you can get by without it.
  6. Window units are pretty cheap if it comes down to it and may get you through hard times. Make sure to run the lights during off peak temp hours.

    Lights on at 9pm.
  7. Unfortunately the room the tent has to be in only has a sliding door and no window so a window unit wouldn't work, and the portable a/c units start around $500. My main fear is to go blind into the 1000w not knowing if temps will be controllable and have my plants that are currently In veg die before I can scrap up the money to change my whole light set up to 600w.

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