1000w hps bulb in my 400w mh ballast and socket?

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    Was wondering if this might work. Saw a video of an electrician who used a spiraly 13w incandescent bulb designed for a french 220v outlet as apposed to the standard American 120v; thus creating the same amount of power with and some ridiculous decrease in wear and tear on the bulb.:hello:

    both my lights are 120v so i do think its a different other than the remaining principle that the hps bulb, in theory would only give off in energy, the fraction of power its receiving that it requires, no?

    Who thinks i'll blow myself up? Anyone with some sort of post secondary knowledge care to shed some light?:p
  2. I am betting the bulb will not fire, no explosion ...

    I wouldn't even attempt this ...
  3. If you connect that lamp to that ballast, the lamp (as stated before) won't fire up. HPS needs a igniter (starter), the ballast will hum and the lamp will show a very dim light(if any), if you leave it connected for a period of time it will burn out the ballast. Same if you connect that lamp to a 400w HPS ballast, it will fire up alright, but the ballast will over heat and burn out. You are better of sticking to the right lamp for the right ballast.
  4. 10 bucks via pay-pal says you wont do it.
  5. lmfao
  6. Great info +rep

    Very true,and going the other direction ie:1K HPS ballast with a 400w. bulb=blown bulb with a possible envelope explosion.:eek:
  7. Yes, that is very possible with the power coming from a 1000w ballast.
    Although, my friend uses a 250w HPS in his (magnetic) 600w ballast for around 2 weeks per grow (yes, i've advised him against it). I'd say the 250w lamps is putting out more lumens than its meant to handle and common sense says that the lamp will have a short life span (or as you say 'explode'). Plus, he says that to run the 250w cost the same on electricity as the 600w. I can just imagin the power going into that poor 250.
  8. Id also be willing to bet the cri and kelvin numbers are way off too,these bulbs are designed to give off a very specific spectrum of light with the matched power,adding too much may change those in several ways.
  9. Definately!
  10. thanks man, i think everyone made plausable synopsys'. other than that guy that bet me 10 to do it :p
    i guess im just sore from having obught 1000w and realized it migh thave been better too have bought a 400w hps and ran it with the mh to optimize lumens/heat/power sonsumption. even though the two together are still 2/3 of the 1000 alone

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