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  1. After two failed attempts at growing from seed last year, I decided to take a few months off researching and making sure I do it right the third time. This time around, I feel like I've done enough research and have the resources to pull off a successful grow.


    So I got a 7'x6'x7' room to grow in. From my last grow, I have a 2x2x5 grow tent from bghydro. I put this tent in the room with proper ventilation and a 200W cfl with reflector. It's off right now but I plan to use it later for clones

    So after the tent and a table in the room I've established a 3'x5' grow area under my 1000W switchable.

    -725 cfm 12" exhaust fan
    - two normal house fans to circulate air
    -2 sqft hole in front door for fresh air
    - fox farms ocean forest mixed 2-1 w/ light warrior
    - for nutes I got the fox farm trio, Grow Big, Tiger, and Big Bloom
    - 3 gal pots

    I transplanted 2 clones into 2 3 gal pots on Friday. After watering, I started the 18/6 light schedule under a 1000 W MH.

    The two plants are hash plant and are currently each around 13". Temps are 73-77F with 35-55% humidity


    1) when the light goes off, my temps have dropped under 65 and last night the leaves started drooping down. I figured it might be transplant shock but was also worried about the low temp so I turned the light back on and in an hour the leaves were rising again. I plan to get a small heater for nighttime this weekend but was wondering if anyone knows if this was caused by shock or temperature drop. Also, would going 24/0 be a safe fix until flowering if it is because of the temps?

    2) I want to top and fim my plants soon but am worried about a few things. First, how long should I wait after the transplant to do this? And also is this the correct time to do this?

    3) my plants had a scent from when I picked them up but it's not very strong yet. I've tried a plate of vinegar near the exhaust fan and this seems to mask it well but dries out very quickly. Any other ideas before I get a carbon filter?

    4) my ph meter is broken from last grow. Is it worth getting a new one now or should I try to make it through the first grow without?

    My goals for this grow are to successfully harvest both of these plants with average or better yield. Also, I'd like to take anywhere from 8-16 clones for my next grow. At first, I wanted to add 2 more clones this week for a total of 4 plants but I thought the different strains might complicate things for the first grow, thoughts?

    As you can see, this has the potential to be a very big grow if I get this one right. All advice is appreciated.

    pictures and an update tonight...
  2. now that i got pictures lets see if i can get some replies...

    so heres an update 10 days later...

    the plants were about 12-13" when I transplanted them on the 15th, heres some pictures...



    now they are over 22" inches. Ive been watering about every 3 days with my GROW BIG... last watering I used just water to flush them for cloning. btw i cut 12 clones, heres some pictures...







    how do my clones look? this was my procedure...

    first i found leaves near the bottom that looked healthy. i cut them at 45 degree angles after the 4-5 node. then i cure the bottom two leaves off, dipped the end in rooting gel, and stuck them in fox farms light warrior pre watered. then i trimmed the leaves about 30% and went back and trimmed the bigger leaves closer to 50%. i lightly watered them and sprayed the leaves and placed them under a humidity dome. the ceiling was misted and now the clones are 6" under a 200W CFL.

    today i also switched from MH to HPS. ive been going 24 hr since i repotted and have only turned off the lights for an hour after watering/misting. right now i turned off the lights and plan to start the official flowering in 4 hours. from then its 12/12 until harvest.

    so does it sound like im doing everything right?
  3. [​IMG]

    this is the clone dome
  4. i hope you can get someone to help you, but your post is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long to read, sorry!!!
  5. lol haha sparknotes version...

    2 hashplant under 1 1000W, 12 clones under 1 200W, look at pictures tell me if anything looks wrong ?
  6. 2 weeks into flowering got some problems...

    heres pictures of the top first, looking good



    now the whole plant pictures, you can see my leaves are drooping on the bottom and some of them are browning






    This is about 5 days after my last water. I watered with fox farms extra strength and big bloom. It wasnt my first time using the nutes, but I upped the dosage from last watering.

    I also noticed my lights were getting near the plants so I raised them to 26"+ above. Last time I adjusted the lights was 3 days ago.

    My plants have been growing .5-1.5"/day consistently since I grew them but havent grown for 2 whole days now. They are 32" and 35" tall in 3 gal pots. Should I be worried or is this normal since the buds are starting to grow?

    To sum it up, the top of my plants look healthy but the bottom is struggling. I know its normal for the bottom to not receive enough light but Im concerned about the browning too. Anybody help? thanks
  7. 21 days into flowering and they look great. Figured out the droopy leaves were just the plant drinking water way faster than I thought they would. I went from watering every 5 days to every 2-3 days.

    Also planted 3 master kush seeds and an unknown last week. They all sprouted and are a couple inches tall, pictures later tonight.

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    and heres an update...





    the first two were iphone shots, the last two were canon shots...

    im fairly happy with how this grow went. no major problems other than the leaves yellowing. i think i flushed too early and my trim job was pretty amateur...

    the smoke, however, is excellent. my opinion might be bias, but ive been smoking top shelf medical for a year before this grow and have completely stopped since this harvest. at first it was just sticky with a dirt odor. after curing it for three weeks ( the last two pictures) the jar stinks up a room with a light sour aroma.

    also made some hash and butter with the leaves. i smoked/ate it all before i could smoke it but hopefully next grow ill remember...

    speaking of my next grow, im 4 weeks into flowering on 2 Master Kush plants and a mystery bag seed. i dont have the time to do daily updates, but ill start a thread for this soon...

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