1000w 5'x5' scrog in back of a shipping container

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    Here are images of my first indoor grow in a room that I made in the back of an ocean freight container.

    Below are images of day 37 with day one being planting 9 Gorilla Glue clones that I bought at the dispensary.

    Running the 1000w light at night for heat as it is in the 50s at night here. I currently have the exhaust fan coming on every ten minutes or so with a temp activated switch at around 70 degrees which is cool, but I need to make sure the plants are getting enough CO2. The exhaust is off during the plants night (our day), but a wall fan runs 24/7.

    Here is a quick run down.
    Day 1: Plant clones in 1 gallon pots.
    Day 12: Shift to 3 gallon smart pots, and pinch.
    Day 24: Shift to 12/12
    Day 28: Flush outside. Dunk in 5 gallon bucket filled with Azmax
    Water every other day 1.5 liters, and fertilize ever other watering.

    Biggest mistakes, lessons so far:
    1) Need to run lights at night, and need more CO2 (exhaust fan) on when lights on.
    2) My cousin found the critter that prompted the Azmax drench. I think I will do this as part of my plan regardless going forward. I will wait until the plants are just about too big to dunk upside down in a 5 gallon bucket. Once they are scrogged, they are not moving.
    3) Have a spare bulb just in case.
    4) The dehumidifier is either on run or standby the whole time, and takes a lot of electricity. Cost of doing business.
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