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  1. If I hook up my 6" duct booster with a cfm rating of 240cfm directly on the cooltube, and have ducting going to outside the tent will it take all the heat away?
  2. I have a similar set up & it's hot as hell in there. I don't have a cooltube, but somewhat similar. I have a dimmable ballast & even set it low & it's still smoking hot. The only thing that helped is have a/c run into the room & a vent taking hot air outside. Bummer part was the noise that the venting made & even with carbon filter at times it smelled. Or leaving the door to the room open helps- but I wanted a bit more 'dl' than that.

    I was outta town for a week or so & my neighbo heard the a/c and calle the cops about the 'rustling around' by my house. They came & snooped around. They never contacted me directly, and I'm legally carded- but it still kind of annoyed me & I like the NO ONE KNOWS status.

    So, I'd say the vent system will take more doing to do right.
  3. a booster will not move enough air to cool a 1K ballast... you can give it a try, but im pretty sure its going to fail...

    but you have nothing to loose firing it up and checking temps... just be prepared to get a inline fan
  4. What about 2 boosters, 1 pushing and 1 pulling. It will still be $100 cheaper than and inline?
  5. 1 fan, exhaust only....unless you like stink

    You could try two boosters, one for the light, one for the grow space....but a inline fan is always better
  6. Nice thanks, I'm going to try my 2 boosters and if the temps are pretty close then I will just get another booster for the light.

  7. I used two 300CFM boosters on a 600w lamp and had heat issues in a basement which stayed 65-68F...

    When the basement was around 65, I could maintain 78 in the tent, but when the basement got into the upper 60s to low 70s, the tent temp would be in the mid 80s and my chamber exhaust ran just about the whole time the lights were on... Then when it did shut off, it was only for minutes and come right back on...

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