1000w, 4x4 scrog. Aurora indica, my 1st scrog

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  1. First off, Hello there and welcome aboard. I have been growing cannabis indoors for about 4 years now. I am not a pro, but I do have adequate experience (hydro, coco, soil,) to get me through most of my grows smoothly. In this journal I will document my progress and problems in hopes of positive guidance and to share ideas with my fellow farmers. I just upgraded from 600w bulb with magnetic ballast to 1000w with a digital ballast :)

    The stats:
    ..4x4 gorilla grow tent
    ..1000w air cooled hood. (1000w hps digilux bulb, first grow with it, 1000w quantum digital ballast)
    ..8" carbon filter
    ...8" inline fan
    ..18" oscillating fan
    ...6" inline fan for intake from air conditioned room
    ..ambient temps in tent are 78 degrees Fahrenheit. I did have to install a window A/C unit (about 4 amps) to keep the my grow room temps optimum..
    ..plants are in 5 gallon buckets with about twenty five 1/2" holes drilled into them. The buckets are lined with a 5 gallon fabric shopping bag from Walmart, kinda like a smart pot, but way cheaper. This method helps with drainage and getting oxygen to the roots and also the soil dries faster which means I can feed more often.
    The medium (hydro soil) is 1 part soil, 2 parts perlite and 2 parts coco. Nutes are G.H. Flora series, micro, grow and bloom. I feed every other watering. I try to maintain a ph range of 6.0 -6.5
    That seems to work best with my "hydro soil" mix.

    I have 4 plants vegging under a 4x4 screen. The plants started as clones from my Aurora Indica mother plant. I bought the seeds from Nirvana. The mother plant is in her final stages of flowering in a seperate tent, I will take a pic of her later to get a preview of what to expect. Right now 8.17.17 the four A.I have been vegging seven weeks and I plan to flip at week ten. Plans may change depending how the canopy fills the screen. I have never vegged longer than four weeks so I do not know what to expect.
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    The girls were vegging under t5 (300w) for 5 weeks before I put them under the 1k lamp to veg a few more weeks. Also, I topped the main stems last week to promote growth to the smaller shoots. Tonight I watered only (ph 7) until drainage. I noticed a few sick leaves which usually means my ph is a little low. I measured the run off at ph 5.4, I will water again tomorrow at ph 7 and will add nutes.
  4. I flipped the light schedule to flower mode (11/13). Total veg time is at 8 weeks. The canopy is getting crowded and I can definitely see where double scrogging would help organize the mess. Tonight I will clean up the canopy and take some pics.
  5. Finally got the time to update. The plants are back to good health after a ph7 flush. I did thin out the canopy and plucked any growth that was beneath the scrog net.
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