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  1. First time actually. Here is what i have:
    1000w magnetic ballast 
    1000w ultrasun dual arc 
    Nut sure on hood 
    5 gal pots 
    fox farm ocean forest 
    20% pearlite 

    Okay so here is the story. Started from random seeds i had collected. Started under cfl's and what a slow start. about 2 months in without using nutrients for veg besides the hot soil, the plants were about 1.5 ft from top of soil. was using 18/6 light for veg. Switched over to 12/12 and dual arc. I had 4 plants but one had what looked like pollen sacs so i killed it. Trimmed plants during flower transition and started tieing them down to spread them out. I am down to 3. i am about 6 weeks flower.

    Here are the nutes im using (Per Gallon)

    15ml Botanicare pure blend pro
    7.5ml Botanicare CAL Mag Plus 
    7.5ml Botonicare Liquid Karma 
    7.5ml Botanicare Vitamino 
    5ml Silica shield M.A.D Farmer
    1.25ml M.O.A.B M.a.d Farmer
    15ml N.U.T.S M.a.d Farmer 
    Drop of SUperthrive 

    I water plants everyday with about 3 cups per plant Of solution 

    Ph is 6.7 

    Light is about 1.5 feet away and temp is about 72 degrees 

    Input much appreciated. Like i said its my first time.

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  2. Plant 1
    Unknown strain uploadfromtaptalk1392016633293.jpg


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  3. Plant 2
    Unknown strain
    3 tops, I think I got too close to light. The leaves are sticking up and white hairs are turning brown like in pic

    uploadfromtaptalk1392016658439.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1392016670394.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1392016724914.jpg

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  4. Here they are. Don't have pics of #3 yet. I reduced the nutes to 1/3rd of that. I was having a problem with plant 1 having some light green colored leaves. uploadfromtaptalk1392016971875.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1392017034462.jpg


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  5. Plant 1 . Is this nute burn? uploadfromtaptalk1392017180289.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1392017194679.jpg

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  6. Well all plants hermied and turned to junk. Light leak. I'm such an idiot

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    That's shitty dude. Shit happens think of it as a learning experience and move on forward. 
    Still can make Bho, hash, medibles... Plus you should have seeds to start with.
  8. No seeds. I cut em down before pollen got all over the room more.

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    Oh sorry..

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