1000w 20 week 5 and 20 week 2 VIDEO CLIP

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    Hey GC tell me what you think my first indoor. Just so you no this has been a blast so much fun. Also here is a link to a journal for more info


  2. When you're done, you'll be stocked on weed. How much is that projected to yeild? My god.
  3. Right on brother!
  4. I am not sure yet. But will keep you updated..
  5. 60 hits only 6 votes and 2 comments common gc tell me whats up
  6. well I think I'm doin pretty good. Have to say thanks to all the GREENTHUMBS who post there knowledge, but nothing better than first hand experience. I tried doing this like ten years ago when I lived with the folks. This time I can say I LOVE INDOORS. Not that outdoor is not fun and a huge yielder. The nonstop is cool..
  7. Nice job !!

    grins and smiles :)

    enjoy the rewards

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