1000 ways to die

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  1. im pretty sure most of the stories from that show were made up. but never let the truth get in the way of a good story. am i right?
  2. #574. weed overdose
  3. they always make the perso who dies look like an ass hole

  4. not true

  5. exactly. i was just watchin it and there was one that was obviously mockin sarah palin. i researched it and found nothin. buncha lyin ass script writers.

    ^^hence why i say they make this shit up. ive learned what not to do though.
  6. My favorite was the one when a guy dies by electrocution when he sticks his dick in a cow heart that is hooked up to a wall outlet to make it beat.
  7. I know for sure that The one where the law firm guy hits the window of a skyscraper and it just plopped out is real.
  8. that narators an asshole
  9. Stupidest fucking show ever.
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    the best one is the episode where the guy gets pulled over and since he was on probation and had mace, he tried shoving it up his ass.

    or actually i think he may have been thrown against his vehicle and that caused the mace to go off in his ass

    You all know what happens next....
  11. No, they're real. They dont need to make anything up on that show, except maybe the setup for it, but the deaths are real.
  12. I think most of the actual deaths are based on Darwin Award winners, but a lot of the circumstances just don't seem real.
  13. There probaly real buy the acting sucks and it seems a little over exaggerated
  14. Nah, most of them are fake. I look some of them up and cant find shit
  15. Must be looking in the wrong places, because most of them I have heard of happening.
  16. The deaths are real, but I think they make up the part of the person who dies being an asshole. Just because you looked them up and couldn't find anything doesn't mean its fake.
  17. Alright, the causes of death are real, just not the stories.
  18. I saw this one some dude was up in the mountains drinking he ran out but remembered gas has ethanol in it so he took some gas from his bike drank it and threw up on the fire and brunt to death

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