1000 ways to die

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  1. EDIT: Posted this earlier but in wrong section

    hey guys, ive seen this show on lately called 1000 ways to die. it is on spike not really sure when its on but its fucking sick.... some of the most fucked up ways that people have died and they do a full play back

    for example

    a guy is tripping on shrooms in the forest..... he comes across a bunch of "fluffers" (sounds weird but thats what they called it) which if u dont know are people that dress up like animals and have sex with eachother

    well this guy is tripping balls and he thinks why not try and get some ass?

    so he goes to each one trying to find a girl to have sex with.... when he spots a teddy bear....

    turns out this teddy bear is no teddy bear its actually a KODIAK bear.... needless to say the guy jumped on top of this thing to try to fuck it and was killed and eaten, just a few yards away from all the fluffers...

    u guys should check it out, its pretty sweet
  2. Oh that could have happened to anyone :p

  3. hhaha true.... but u should check it out they do out the enitre scenario of things...
    like this one guy was in prison and he was sitting on his metal chair watching tv... there was water on the floor and the cord was wrapped around the toilet and it was frayed and he touched it and got electrocuted til he died

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