1000 watts too big?

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  1. hey yall, im planning on using a 1000 watt mh/hps for my 6x6 grow area. ill have between 4-6 plants in their. do you guys think this is a little overkill for my grow space? oh yeah, if it makes a difference which im sure it does, the system is aircooled.

    Thanks guys
  2. get a 400W, 1000W in asmall area will create alot of heat.
  3. yeah, thats what i was worried about. a 400 would save me some bucks too. you think cutting my space down to 3x3 would increase efficency? i appreciate the help bro
  4. oh and ill be growing White widow max so you think i would still be able to squeeze 4 under the 400? thanks again.
  5. personally id go with the 600 or 1000watt if you can vent it all, couple months back i grew 3 female WW under my 400watt hps they easily doubled in high so they had a good strech, i did lots of lst and they compeletely filled my grow box which was 4ft H 4ft W 4ft L i wish i had more vertical space to grow them taller, but if you can vent and cool that 1000watter go for it! or even the 600watt i posted a few pictures of my grow some where in grow journals if your intrested look it up!
  6. Well this is my first grow and i think i would be fine with the 400 watt. I just ordered this one right here,http://www.insidesun.com/ecc584ec06d4630abdc6908519b10cb2.item (had to take advantage of the great deal). What would you guys recommend for venting/scrubbing my box with the 400 watt running in it? the box is 3x3x6 btw.

    Thanks for the help man. Again this is my first grow and i dont really know what im doing so i need all the help i can get!
  7. getting fem seeds? im doing WW fem seed atm, 1 plant then gonna clone and Scrog.

    try get a conftable ammount in.

    if you LST them in spirals like the LST guide on the forums you can save some space i think.

    yea defo go with the 400watter though itll work great.
  8. Yeah, get the 400W. Not only will it give off less heat and save you cash as you buy it, it was also save on your electric bill VS a monster 1000W :p
  9. the 400watt will do you good, but i dunno i would have went with the 600 or 1000watt seeing how bushy the WW i had got and how much they streched even with lst my 4x4x4 was a damn tight fit! i yeilded about 6 ounces off 3 plants vegged for one month too!
  10. haha wow 2 ozs a plant is pretty solid. how was the smoke? Thanks for the help everyone!
  11. 2 ounces is just a round about weight one plant put out 3 ounces all the bud formation was different, 2 plants fat a chunkey and the other one streched alot and had nice stickey inline clear buds, and the smoke varied by plant but everybody i smoked down kept saying they wanted too buy some but i never sold any, haha i smoked my friends uncle retarded and after we cashed the bowl i told him it creeps up on you and 10 minutes later he was super stoned. check out my grow journal its somewhere in there proably around page 3 or 4 by now or just do a search
  12. I wouldnt even consider a 400 for anything with a grow height >2 feet ; go 600 and split the difference.
  13. If you have a 6' x 6' area, you should stick with the 1000w aircooled. If you have the $ and space, there is no better then a 1000w. Proper venting will take care of any heat issues, and your bud will be better.
  14. Haha isnt it fun getting old people really stoned?? I just plan on using this for my first grow since im only using one plant then ill probably convert it too an mh and make a flower room with a 600 watt hps..but untill then....ill just have to settle.

    "If you have a 6' x 6' area, you should stick with the 1000w aircooled. If you have the $ and space, there is no better then a 1000w. Proper venting will take care of any heat issues, and your bud will be better."

    This dosent mean that my bud will be worse from a 400watt does it? I thought wattage just effects size?
  15. I agree. 6x6 is the perfect size for 1000 watt light. If you get a large fan (465cfm or bigger) You'd be fine.
  16. i got an aircooled 1000w in a 4 by 4 by 7 box.....with a 465cfm exhaust...running a a/c on low....and my babies are so happy.on hot days it still get over 30C.....with a 3 by 3 id get a 600w....for sure.....with the 600w there will be less heat than a 1000w and you can get the light closer to the plants....imo...

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