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  1. This is my second time growing so I learnt from my mistakes. I'm currently using 1000 watt hps in a small grow room. Growing 1 sour og and 1 Jedi kush. I bought them at a local club for $30 each, ready for flowering. I'm using fox farm soil with fox farm big bloom n tiger bloom and also earth juice catalyst.
  2. image-1507768039.jpg

    This is the Jedi kush


    This is the sour og

  3. Update: I gave Jedi kush support because it was not getting enough light in other area of the plant. I also gave support the one of the bottom branch of sour diesel to give it more light. In hoping it'll catch up to the top. Do you think I did the right thing by doing this?


    Jedi kush


    Jedi kush


    Sour diesel


    Sour diesel
  4. image-3407961644.jpg

    Sour diesel, looking healthy


    Jedi kush, also looking healthy
  5. Sorry, I forgot to add another question. Is this too close to the plant or should I put it closer? Or just leave as is? Remember, this is a 1000watt hps

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    I'm gonna jump in here and watch these ladies with you! Are you planning on doing any training with them or adding more plants?
  7. Actually the last time I grew (my very first grow) I did bunch of experiments including LSD training, topping and such and did not yield very much. I had spider mite problems and the room would get too hot. At that time I was flowering around 20 plants. I lost a quite some money so this time I am prepared and only want to do 2 plants to see how well I do at the same time, learn from other blades. I won't be doing any training for this grow, I'm going to let it flower as it is except for some few supports here n there.
  8. Yeah, I kind of realized that was a dumb question as you're in flower. lol Still on my first cup this morning. I think your light will be fine for what you're doing. I've grown with other folks that will attach their lights to the ceiling and leave them there and that's what I do too in my flower room. Oh and dude don't train on LSD!!! ;)
  9. Day 4 of flowering under 10/14 hr of light. Looking healthy?? Current nutes: 4tbsp fox farm big bloom, 2 tsp fox farm tiger bloom and 1tbsp earth juice catalyst. For the last 4 week of flowering, I will be using only earth juice catalyst, humboldt county's own gravity and kool bloom.



    Jedi kush


    Jedi kush


    Jedi kush


    Sour diesel


    Sour diesel


    Sour diesel

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  10. I'm curious, what does these curling on the side of the leaves means??

  11. Well since no one wouldn't help me out with a few things, I went to a local hydro store and asked a few questions. 1 suggestion was that I should add some calmag also when feeding my plants so I went ahead and bought a bottle. I fed them yesterday with calmag n the usual nutes. Lets see how it turns out.

    Day 8 of flowering...


    My babies


    Jedi kush


    Sour og
  12. Day 12 of flowering


    Sour og


    Sour og


    Top of sour og


    Jedi kush


    Jedi kush


    Top of Jedi kush
  13. More photos of my babies :)




  14. I know nobody wanna reply my thread but I need some help here. I am still a noob grower. I'm having some problem for the past few days. A lot of my leaves are turning yellow and even the new leaves too. Wtf going on?? Please help



  15. Day 15...


    Sour og


    Jedi kush


    Jedi n sour og


    Sour og


    Jedi kush
  16. I dont have any advice but i will say nice grow homie. Keep up the good work and keep updating this thread :):)
  17. I just found this leaf this morning on my sour og when I turned my light on. Wtf going on?? +rep for those who can help me out here n also my previous questions about the yellowing of my leaves

  18. Wow that's bad. You are giving too much Nutes it appears. I would get some flushing chemicals and flush them. Or you can use plain water at a rate I'd m3 gallons of water per Fallon of soil. Once flushed slowly add Nutes. I run earth juice. You can get away with grow, bloom and catalyst. Or you can add meta k and micro blast to be complete. I use KoolBloom the last month of veg. Hope she recovers.
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    I'm back and thanks for the advice Kronicly Insane. So far, I flushed them twice with the ph at 6.0. In the process of doing so, I had to remove a lot of dead leaves. :( but it is now healing. Also, I will be flowering them for an extra month because of the growth stunt and nute burns. I am currently giving them only Roots Organics seabird guano. In the last month of flowering, I will still be giving them kool bloom and gravity. Oh and also I bought vermifire soil that has bone meal, blood meal, coconut fiber and a whole lot of other goodies in it and also a whole new set of Roots Organics nutrients :D I have Buddha Grow, Buddha Bloom, Ancient Amber, HP2, HPK, Oregonism XL and Extreme Serene. So no more of the mixed nutrients from different brands. Here are the pics.

    Day 30


    Jedi kush


    Jedi kush


    Sour og


    Sour og
  20. The Roots Organics pack I bought for only $40 :D (finally decided to stop being lazy and take the picture)



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