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1000 watt vs 600 watt

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by friscojoe, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Hey, I am currently in the works of starting a new operation. I'm fairly new to growing. I purchased an 8ft X 4ft growing chamber/tent thing. I want to yield as much as possible, and have the medicine as high quality as possible. What would be better to use. 2 1000 watts or 3 600 watts. and should i get magnetic or electric, please explain guys i really need the help before i begin. Thanks everybody.
  2. I'm no expert, but I've heard that putting such powerful lights so close together is a waste of energy, light and can generate much undesired heat. So consider your climate control issues and space efficiency in your limited confines. Of course, depending your situation, perhaps you could create an additional grow space using the other lights not needed in the original room. Good luck.
  3. a six hundred is optimum for a 4x4 area, 1000 for 5x5. Therefore I would think that two six hundreds, producing around a pound and a half total is what u are looking at. You want electronic ballasts (saves on power bill and heat) and if you dont have a separate veg room make sure u buy a switchable ballast so that u can run mh to veg and sodium to flower. If you have doubts on two six hundreds you could do 750,s but I would avoid thousands in that space
  4. imo the 600w you can get closer to the canopy(bud sites) but the 1000w will make denser buds. In a 4by8 i'd use a single 1000w. perferably digital and switchable.

    my issue with 600w are the price of the bulbs. commercial grower use 1000w, and if you used only one the heat wouldn't be an issue.

    oh, and more importantly the use of space is key.....check out this link.....i just built my own..

    Northern Farmer Stadium Grow , Vertical - Marijuana Growing
  5. was in your shoes 2 weeks ago, i also asked the same question,
    i was still in two minds when i went to the shop to make my purchase.
    i asked the guy at the shop, he said deff 3 600w hps.
    his reasons were excellent,
    1. 3 600w hps will be cheaper to buy for a start.
    2. 3 600w will be cheaper to run, they are the most efficent of the range out of the 400w 600w 1000w they are the most cost efficent.
    3. you can get them closer to your plants.
    4. you will be able to get a larger canopy with 3 600w. as the light is spread over a larger area.

    he sold me right on the spot, ill be setting them up over the next couple of days.

    if you got the room, 100% get 3 600w hps.

    good luck with the grow

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