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1000 watt HPS too hot for closet?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ambience, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Just curious wether or not a 1000 w HPS light will cause heat problems in a 8' x 2' x 8' closet?

    I am leaning towards 1000w to cover all the area, and like everyone else, maximize yield. I live in the midwest, and the average temp outside will probably be about 40 degrees, so i was thinking that maybe it will be alright?
  2. Yup, especially if it's not vented. Vented and exhausted with proper air flow and you may get away with it but it's not necessary. 1000w is good for a 12x12 area, get 2 400's and you'll get better coverage unless you plan to put the 1000 on a slide rail.
  3. 1000 completely unnecessary to cover a 2 foot wide footprint. You could go with a 400w and a light mover for about the same price. You would get much better coverage and wouldn't have to air cool the light directly like you would with the 1000.
  4. yeah I forgot to mention that I would have put it on a slide rail. I had just read in a few places that even with two 400w HPS lights I wont yield as much as I could with 1000w. What about 1 600w on a rail or just 2 600w?
  5. A single 400 will do it if it's on rail. You could use the 600, but it's overkill and you'll have more heat. A 400 covers a 4x4 area. On a rail, you're aiming at a 2' area. 400 is plenty.

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