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1000 watt DWC tent, T5 pre-vegetative tent, T5 mother area, cloning station

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by jcommerce, Feb 3, 2014.

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  7. Here's our commercial grow:

  9. Just got some Method 7 glasses, so I'll be shooting most of my future videos with my Canon HD camcorder through Method 7s...they will look a lot better in HD and through the glasses.  Is anyone out there???.....Buehler??......Buehler??......
  10. The purple lemon haze looks outstanding.
  11. Gracias brotha.
  12. Subbed. Starting a similar sized grow, mother, clones, veg, flower... First time of this size
  13. Sorry for the absence, I had surgery in April and it has been a long, tough road since then.  The grow is still on and a pheno hunt is in progress.  Will get some new vids and pics up soon.  jcom
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    Ice Cream Pheno Hunt - Some mother shots (in the totes) and the final 5 in the pheno hunt (on flood table):
    Just pushed em down:

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