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1000 watt ballast =400 watt and 600 watt bulb?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by kakalvlvinin, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Can I wire a 1000 watt Hps ballast to two bulbs?(a 600 and a 400 Watt) , I've heard of ballasts that are 1200 watts and run 2 600 watt Hps bulbs so I was wondering if is was just that type if ballast that could run two bulbs or if every type can
  2. no you can not!! the ignitor is designed to spark a 1000 watt bulb. the 1200 watt ballasts are designed to be two 600watters.
  3. I'm sure it would work. I've fired (2) 1000w hps bulbs on one lumatek in the past but I don't recommend it. Nothing bad happened I just wanted to try it out. The only bulbs I've had a problem pushing two of were 600w dual arcs lol.

    I'd say give it a shot. a 600w hps and 400w halide would be killer in my flower tent :)

    The sunpulse splitter is intended to split a 1000w ballast for use with 2 600w bulbs.
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    I know what it's designed to do, but I'm talking about what it can do :D
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    hmm now I'm wondering if I can fire 2 600 watters, do you think it would put out more lumens than a 1000watt? (or 600 and a 400)
  6. I would not attempt to fire a 400 and a 600 off of a 1k ballast, it might be psosible if you had some special device that could split the wattage properly and ignite the bulbs safely...but I can't see a device like that existing for less then the price of another ballast.

    On the splitters - a 1000w ballast will put out 1000w. the 2x splitter has no special device inside that makes the ballast putout more wattage. The 2 x 600 bubls need 600w each to run at full capacity...the 2 x splitter just under drives 2 600's .. and yeh sure 600w hps are more efficient then a 1k, but not when they're run at 500w each...btw underdriving bulbs is neither good for the bulbs or the ballast, unless they are designed to run as such.

    why not just run a 1k bulb?
  7. I probably will, but a 400 and a 600 would be more lumens I'm assuming, and I currently only have 1 bulb and ballast, I'm just wondering because I was offered a 1000w ballast , 2 bulbs would be better spred out and I would prefer it
  8. fuck yeah id say go for it. Make sure you keep your ballast on the floor in the carpet, preferably next to your res tank.
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    Lol it's actually there right now, on carpet, next to my tank
  10. Anyone els have an opinion?
  11. It will work but you have to hold the light fixture while standing barefoot on a wet steel plate :eek:

    Can I interest you in some life insurance? Perhaps some real good fire insurance?
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    Hmmm im might just try that, and lol life and fire isssureance is already done
  13. And do you think I would get more lumens if I did what you said but outdoor during a rain storm?
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    Thanks for stoping by, I've been reading your posts for a little while and I'm thinking about making a the things in your signature :)
  15. Just get a nice bulb and call it good. save up for another 600watter and throw a halide in with a super hps or something
  16. Wouldn't try to split the 1000w ballast into two bulbs you are only asking for issues. The splitter from Sunpulse is the only unit that i am aware of that is a plug and play however i have heard some bad stories of burning and flickering.
  17. The sunpulse splitter doesn't do anything, it's just 1 wire going ti the ballast then 2 wires comeing out for the two bulbs, it's just pre wired btw I'm most likely not getting the 1000w anyway, thanks for the into tho
  18. someone blow something up ffs!

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