1000 MH Ballast, now what?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sinori007, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. Hi, I am growing indoors under a brand new 1000 watt MH ballast. I am planning on using about 6x4x8 growing medium and I read somewhere that any more than 44 watt would stunt the plants from growing. I also read in this forum that 120 watts would be beneficial to the plant. How many plants could I grow in that closet? I am growing feminised blueberrys and skunk#1. Please reply and help a newb.

  2. A growing medium is what your growing your plants in: soil or soilless. I take it that 6 x 4 is how much square footage you have so basicly you could fit 24 plants in there if you grew SOG (Sea of Green). A plant per square foot. I don't know if you would want to grow that many but you have the dimensions for it. You'd be getting 41 watts per square foot which IMO is just right.
    Keep in mind that 1000 watters will emit a lot of heat so I'd suggest keeping it at least 3 ft (a meter) from the tops of your plants. Plus you would want the bulb higher to cover the whole area if you do decide to grow 24 plants. Hope you have good ventilation too (intake, outake).
    IMO you can grow however many plants you want. If I could start a new grow from where you're at I would definately start off with at least 20 plants...then when it comes time to switch lighting to 12/12 just ditch the males.
    BTW...are you going to get a HPS conversion bulb for flowering or just stick with the MH for the whole grow?
  3. Thank you for your fast reply. Damn I guess I bought the wrong lights. I was thinking more like growing 3~4 plants really far apart from each other using Mylar to reflect the light etc. I would give each plant something like 2x2x6. Would this work? Oh and yes I am going to use MH throughout the growing. I purchased some 1000 watt warm light bulbs so that it would increase the red spectrum to about 50% more.

    BTW: Anyone live in Cali and would like to assist me in growing?
  4. how to convert this ballast thingy from 220 to a 110 outlet :)
  5. I believe that you would need a conversion thingy either that, or there might be a switch on your ballast that says 220v and 120v. Just move the squarey button to the 120 v and voila. Hope this helped.
  6. oooh, im waay past that point....lol
    on the good side i haave ALL the pieces in a large ziploc....:)
    the the wire needed changed anyway...i wonder if mydad would every buy into the fact we wanted to use it as as security light?...probbbaly not.
    i believe i need an electrition :)
    .....it came to us as some stupid trade all messed up from a guy who in real life i refer to as crackhead. (not to his face acourse)* this is prob why i have bad khrma...but thanks :)
  7. if ya do it properly in the first place its much easier.:D
  8. What is it,,,mh or hps? how many watt?if possible manufacturer....I'll post whatever schematic you need..


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