$1000 Grand Prize Winner

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  1. So, I entered a "New Years Raffle" via my local Smoke shop, and this is what I, the Grand Prize Winner, was given, a triple-perc bong piece of art:


    And shown here:





  2. That's a pretty tight piece, nice score.
  3. dope!

    definitely grand prize material.
  4. you lucky motherfucker
  5. That only is 1000? I would have guessed 2500
  6. Art, and not any of that modern art bullshit either, that kind of glass (functional) art takes loads of talent and practice

  7. I was going to say it looks like it should be worth more than a grand. Some real nice work on there. The price does depend on the blower though.

    But sick piece OP. We need to see a milk shot with that beast.
  8. You're a very lucky man.

    Now let it grace us with a milk video.
  9. Milk video! I didn't even consider that. I don't have any weed right at this moment, but later today I shall post that shit up.

  10. Hells ^ yeah.
  11. Damn that thing is awesome. I would end up breaking it though like an idiot and I'd be too scared to own it. I'm way too clumsy for anything other than $50 specials from the LHS.
  12. Congrats OP, that's awesome
  13. thats insane, and def looks like it is worth more than 1000 as other said above. Can you take more pics of the perc tho. And try to use a higher quality camera lol
  14. Yeah .
  15. Thats so damn nice id have a hard time using it because I wouldn't want it dirty
  16. definitely a milk video. Looks fucking sick, your friends probably flipped a shit when they saw it
  17. Nice bong, shit looks like some kinky sex toy
  18. Really nice man, congrats.

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