1000 dollar bong

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  1. [​IMG]

    i didn't pay 1000 though, thats what its worth fa shooooooooooo :cool:
  2. LK approves of this thread.
  3. Id hit it. :p
  4. sweet bong

  5. Second!:p
  6. more pics? and i dont think any bong is worth 1k
  7. Looks nice man, is it one of the gridded SGs?
  8. mmmmmmm SG. id eat it if i could
  9. Sick SG, pics like these make me fiend a fixed stem tube. Great pick up Aud!
  10. Yeah, I'd definitely hit that as well.
  11. Sick setup man, really loving the SG. Congrats
  12. I disagree.

    Very nice SG OP.
  13. always love a good SG. +Rep
  14. Damn that bong is a work of art :hello:
  15. That is probably the most sophisticated bong i have ever layed eyes on.
  16. I just want to point out that some kid posted a pic of a bong that was crooked like the SG in this pic and everyone jumped all over him and screamed JANK. Its probably just the picture, but there is a weird angle on that tube
  17. looks like the camera was just tilted.

    but thats just me :smoking:
  18. it better come with a pound of weed

  19. I don't think people should be able to post with out knowing the facts but hey you did :cool:

    AUD that thing is sweet man. Saving up for one of those or a Toro.

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