1000 bulbs and Home depot

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  1. was up board got another hot one for yall check it I just went to www.1000bulbs.com thx to post by red dreads :gc_rocks: and seen they carry 82 watt light bulbs so my question is will the reflector I got from home depot work I got 150 watt one and the 75 watt one please help
  2. The Website isnt working for me, chck the url?
  3. The link works for me. If you have a popup blocker active try holding down Ctrl when you click the link...

    CFL's are made to screw into any standard socket. No reason the Home Depot reflector shouldn't work. You are talking only about a reflector, right? Not a reflector with socket.
  4. of course the reflector has a socket man what do you think I am a newbie wink wink so you guys are telling me all the bulbs at this site will be compatible with my 150 watt even the one for 150
  5. No, I for one am definitely not telling you that. I wasn't being facetious when I asked, I really wondered if you had just a reflector (possible) or a socket too or what.

    Socket + reflector usually is called a "lamp", especially if it has a separate ballast. What kind of socket do you have from HD? Is it a mogul socket? Does the kit have a ballast? Don't plug that up with those bulbs without some details first.
  6. here are the exact details

    {Clamp light 6 ft 18 gauge 125 vac 150 watt}
    this is wat it says exactly hope this helps P.S thx for the help:smoking:

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