$1000 budget. mac or windows?

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  1. Hey guys.

    I dont no much about technology and in searches i keep finding contradicting information. I just was the best bang for my buck. i dont care about fads or style, and im having trouble figuring out which is best. I dont understand what gigabytes and ram and all that stuff is so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

    Im looking for something with a lot of space as i do have a large music,movie, and photograph collection. I dont really game that much, i have an xbox for that. I also need something that has office on it equipped with word and all that jazz i need for school.

    Appreciate it.[​IMG]

    ps. only have 1000 bones to drop.
  2. Macs are way overpriced, youll get much more for your money if you buy all the parts offline (windows machine) and have someone build the computer for you, (this is assuming you cant put it together yourself).

    If you arent up for buying seperate parts, id go with a windows machine, much better for the money.
  3. the only thing im hesistant about windows is that my last purchase (the comp im on now) was about $1500 and its a dell XPS laptop. it was supposed to be great and the thing absolutely BLOWS. its broken all the time and cant do SHIT. i swore id never buy another one
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    mac. PC sucks cock, and I have a PC. I wish I still had my mac mini :(:(

    You should seriously look at the mac mini. its only 600. basically everything you need in a comp, in a little box. if you should need more storage you can always go external, but it has alot of room.

    There is still no virus that affects mac computers. they run fast and reliable 24/7/365. I had mine for a year and a half, zero issues
  5. I could build then 2nd top best Dell XPS computer on the market for less than $550 off buying computer parts, no doubt. Don't buy eMachine, HP, Dell, etc. build your own for x2 cheaper.


    I recommend going on these sites and look for barebone kits.
  6. i would do that but i have no knowledge what-so-ever in putting together a computer. and i need it asap for school as my current computer is crapping out and i dont want my docs to all crash with it.

    thanks guys. :wave:

  7. yeah that looks cool as hell but im looking for a laptop. thanks tho
  8. Honestly I know alot about computers. Mac and pc, i own a pc and an imac. Truthfully you should go for a maxed out mac mini with all the features. And then a display. To get vista working WELL on a computer it needs to be ran at about 3 ghz. And the pcs that are 3 ghz cost ALOT of money. More then macs. If you wanna stay on $1000 you will not be able to get a good pc. But you will get a good mac. So go for the mac. Word.
  9. build a pc or find someone that can build it for you. its worth it.. i love macs, but your not going to find much for 1000.. i spent 1300 on an imac 5 years ago and it no longer works because the power supply is shot..
  10. You'll get more bang for your buck with a PC. Maybe it's not the sexy choice, but I got about five years of solid use out of my last Dell laptop, and I just bought a new one that I'm happy with.
  11. O well if you want a laptop. Then you really dont have a choice if you want a new computer. If you wanna go second hand, you could get an old macbook for maybe under $1000 or $1000 flat. You could also look in apples Refurbished section. Or get an even older computer like a Powerbook, they still work great and are up to todays standards. But no webcam. Or you could get a ibook.

    If you went the PC way, same as i said before, to get vista working it would have to be EXPENSIVE. No $800 laptop will run vista very well.
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    +rep to all.

    looks like i might just order a macbook tonight from apple
  13. If you want the best get a mac (especially for school and media stuff). But you're gunna have to throw down some more cash for it.
  14. get a mac, any problems i have ever had a MacGenius has fixed it for me for free. People who end up paying generally fucked their comps in a big way. You wont be getting viruses like with a pc and that shit adds up when you blow a minimum of 100 to a geek squad to fix it. I looooove my Mac and detest apple for always making better products when i have something great but they always make something better.
    If you go to college your school most likely will get a discount i could get a mac mini for 579. base price +20 if not with school discount
    Its a little more than you wanna spend but the 20in desktop is 1150 +49 with no school discount
    and my lil baby the white macbook is 949 +50 if no school discount
    BEST DEAL .... macbook air for 999 check the refurb listings
    also on refurb you can get the new macbook aluminum for 1099
  15. The hardware+ support + warrenty + OPERATING SYSTEM (OS X)

    is the well worth buying a mac. I have been using both PC (linux) and Mac ( OS X 10.5.6 ) for over 10 years. spend 1200-1300 on a imac. You will never regret it!

    If your computer savy:

    Build a Hackintosh - OS X on a PC. i built one for my mother last year. Under 1,000 can get you a badass pc man.
  16. Ya that has good specs. But thats only the half of it. The main thing is the operating system. If the OS doesnt work then why bother.

  17. Agreed.
  18. You obviously don't if you just say it just need 3 GHz to run vista. 3 GHz isn't really much anything it's the speed, theres the FSB, etc. that also makes it runnable. Plus, single-core, dual, quad? What 3 GHz?

    Your are a crazy kid..
    For an example, kind of alright barebone kit for $500 and LOOK AT IT.


    It has quad core @ 2.66, so in virtual GHz thats a total of 10.56 GHz and 8GB DDR2 RAM for that half a thousand.

    So please do not state false information. ;)

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