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  1. well didn't think it could happen, but my heart skipped a beat when i realized with only one more post i have reached a hundred!! to all those who have helped answer my stupid and not so stupid questions THANK YOU, to those who have made me pee my pants laughing, thanks for the laughs but next time u get the laundry. to the friends i have made thanks all.... stay high, stay smart and for god's sake play safe have a great day all
  2. erm... who are you?
  3. i am me and who r u?
  4. oooh... I'm me too!
  5. That can't be...

    Because I am ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Bwahaha I am you......
  7. Does me+you=us or we?
  8. lol congrats storm!!

  9. hmm... i seem to be me as well... this is weird
  10. I am me, so how can you be??

  11. I can be,

    As I said before,

    Because I am ME!!!!!!!

  12. your all wrong, yall are you

    i am ME!...climbing a tree...wheeeeee!!!!

    get off mee!!
  13. congrats on 100!! hehe i was all excited when I hit a hundred, so I just gotta say coo coo!
  14. If he's you and you're me and he's me and I'm you... can I still be me... I mean... WHO THE HELL'S EATING THIS CHICKEN?
  15. WTG Storm and to think I was the one who brought you here and so far youve got me beat hrmm maybe its time for some random ramblings and postings maybe then I shall catch up. But as I said before WTG. Well, until next time my friends you all take care and have a good one. L8r Yall!!!!

    Trippie J

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