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  1. So, I met a guy who used to grow, and he was telling me he had some lights that he used to use and he told me 100 bucks and they were mine. I said I would take a look at them, so I followed him to his storage unit and he definitely had some grow lights. Here is what I got.

    4 hoods
    3 ballasts (one HPS 2 MH)
    14 new MH bulbs
    1 new 1000 w HPS bulb
    2 new 400w HPS bulbs

    I dunno, I just got this great deal and felt I needed to tell someone, and you guys are the only ones I trust :)
  2. Good find bro!!!Sounds like you're good to grow for quite awhile. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very good deal, assuming everything works and is compatible. What kind of ballasts? Designed for what wattage? What is the wattage of those MH bulbs? Does it include sockets/fixtures, or just hoods? Are the hoods air-cooled or just reflectors? And most importantly, what do you plan do to with all those lumens? ;)
  4. Well the two MH ballasts are 400w sun system and the HPS ballast is something... I have no idea what it is but it is a 1000w he said (of course i gotto find out what it is before I use it). The hoods I got were 2 air cooled ones, a batwing, and some crappy old vented one with a glass cover that I kind of like. The MH bulbs are all 400w and work fine with the ballasts (I just checked them out tonight), and the bulbs look nice; a bunch of eikos. And it came with all connections except for the 1000w HPS ballast.

    As for what I'm going to do with them, well I think it would be a shame to buy them and let them go to waste, so I think I'm going to set up a couple new grow areas. I like to do as much as I can in closets, and it just so happens I still have an extra 2x2 closet that I am going to throw one of the MH's in and use as a veging room (sure beats my current cfl veg room). I am also going to try and take the 1000w hps and the 400w MH and create a new flowering room that is going to be 4'wide x 6.5' long x 4'tall. I am going to turn my old flowering room into a sativa growing room and try to get some good, big, pure sativa strains going in a couple months, which brings me to wonder what kind of sativas I should grow...

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