100 what bong or vape should i buy

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  1. tomarrows my birth day and im gunna spend 100-125 on a bong or vape whitch one should i get and can anyone send me a link for some good bongs or vape and i saw a pole this morning that said alotta people smoke less weed with a vape
  2. The ONLY good quality, SAFE vaporizer you can get for 100 is the MF LB(Magic Flight Launch Box).

    You can get some nice bongs for 100 too(if you know where to look).

    It depends though, what are you looking for?

  3. what about the box style vaporizer and vapor no2
  4. Both crap.

    Check out fuckcombustion.com for ANYTHING vapor related, that's realit the best info you'll get.

    For $100, any vaporizer besides the MF LB will be a dangerous, low quality piece of crap.

    Do your research!!!!!
  5. I disagree, I have the Vapor Genie and absolutely love it. $60 and it works better than any vape except the Volcano (and I've used a lot).
  6. NYC will agree with me on this. Save a little more and get a nice vap like the Da Buddha Vaporizer, or Vapor Bros... I know you can get a Da Buddha on ebay for $160. Thats where i got mine (in black also).

    On another note i got the vap working well NYC thanks for the help.
  7. No problem bmoney(hit me up if you have more ?s).

    I don't agree with a Vapor Bros(VB) because I had one before my Da Buddha(DBV) and my current DBV is better in every way but doesn't cost much more then the VB.

    The Da Buddha vaporizer is one of THE best whip type vaporizers, next to the Silver Surfer(SSV).

    The DBV and the SSV are both made by 7th Floor, and are both whip type vaporizers.

    You can't compare different types of vapes.
  8. the box style style vape is from vapor bros
  9. My advice: just spend $80 more and buy a Purple Days.
  10. Vaporizer.
    See fuckcombustion DOT com if your serious about it, and are looking to gather info on which one is right for you.

  11. I'm thinking of getting the MFLB, however it is rather expensive, can anyone recommend a Vapo of equal quality at lower the price?

    Thanks in advance

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