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  1. Would this light work on my seedling once it's sprouted (having it real close to it), until I get some fluoros (not able to set up a HPS in my space...yet:)). If it works, how long could I use this kind of light, before I need to switch to fluoros?
  2. as far as i know i dont think it will work at all,,,,,,but ive never tried it
  3. change it to a 150 soft white light(incandescent) and move it away by about a one foot or 2 feet. It will produce buds but not like what you see in the pics or hightimes, it will grow though, you need a 150 or 200 watt though because there is not enough lumens in a 100 watt, 200 is prob better then 150 but I am using a 150 right now, and I am adding a fluro thats has all the colors of the spectrum, and those two together would grow a good plant.

  4. So I'd be able to use it to hold off my sprouts until I can gets some fluoros (which hopefully will be tomorrow or next few days)?
  5. Yes, just give it a little extra light, try giving it 16 hours of light atleast when you start out with an incandescent bulb
  6. Alright, thanks for all of your help!
  7. I have one more question though...the only fluoros I can find (at a reasonable size) are about 33 watt ones, that are 9 bucks each. Do these work well, if they do, how many would I need for two plants?
  8. im using 2 50 watt flouros and its going real slow

    I was told to use at least 100 watt bulbs
  9. Damn, all I can find are these 33 watt bulbs. Guess I'll have to look online.
  10. try Stiens Garden Center or a larger hardware store

  11. my friend grows fine ,by using 5 , 100 watt house bulbs , he always produces a nice top bud with some smaller ones around...........

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  12. 2 33 watt would work with the incandescent on it also
  13. dude, just use some of those multi colored christmas lights, ive been growin mine with those and they are lookin great. theyre onnly 2 weex old and the leaves are turning brown, gotta be THC hairs I bet ! BTW how are those seeds of mine coming along, have u ordered them yet?
  14. Heh, you mugg. No i haven't ordered them yet...I need my mula for supplies right now....
  15. i had 16 plants under a 100watt bulb for almost 9 months, they grow ok but slow, but thats exactly what i wanted, i wanted the slowest growth i could get but barely keeping them alive. I wanted them to stay under a foot and a half tall. I was able to get one bowl a day off them plants for almost 9 months, i thought that was good because i had no money at all and no way of getting any other smoke.

    Try to get enough fluoros to add up to 100-150 watts and that should be ok for 2 plants.
  16. what is the largest wattage flouro bulb that u can put in a 4 foot ballist(I have a typical basement, workroom unit that i have 2 50 watt flouros in now, but i want more)

  17. Just curious, and this 100 wat bulb idea may save me some cash, glad i clicked in here... what is that setup called, looks like nothing Ive seen before...which isnt a hell of a lot...just curious... thanks.

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