100 watt HPS:

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SoNe_OnE, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. Aiight, I have one plant that i wanna grow indoors. It is my tallest plant it measures out to be 2 feet 1 inch and its topped, Well i was wondering if one 100 watt HPS light get the job done or would i need more wattage? I asked the guy at Home Depot if they carry n e 400 watt HPS lights and he laughed at me and said, its for the good shit right,lol. He new exactly what i was doing and told me where i can find one at, he also mentioned to tell them that i was lighting up a football feild,LMFAO.. Im a lil worried about me electric bill! I heard people come up every so often to check on it and if its to high then they can come in a search, is this trOo?
  3. I would let them go unless the stems are actually creased they should be o.k. You should have some movement of air like a fan so that the early plants kind of move a little. This will strengthen the stems.
  4. Oh, and a good rule of thumb is 25 watts a square foot. So if you only have one plant and you only need to cover that plant 1 100 watt should be o.k. I have never done anything less then a 400.
  5. Aiight thanx for helping me out on this one, Someone said i can goto LOWES and get a 150 watt HPS light for real cheap so. I just didnt wanna go through all the troubles of ordering shit off the net, Not that trustworthy if you know what i mean.

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