100 watt cfl question

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  1. Would you be able to use this?


    100W Fluorex Replacement bulb.4U E-39 Mogul Base. Replacement bulb for model 92102 100W Floodlight
    • 100W Replacement Bulb
    • 4U-E39 Mogal Base
    • Replacement Bulb for Model 92102 fixture
    • n/a
    • MFG Model # : 92100B
    • MFG Part # : 92100B
    I was wondering if you could use that because it is only 17 dollars.

    I figured it would be too good to be true, but i ddint want to spend 50-100 dollars on them.

    If i did i would need a mogul socket. Which you can buy and i would assume you could wire directly to the A/C electric, or would you need some type of ballast.

    Also, this is only 20-25 dollars


    and these ones use a medium base.


    Please respond, thank you =]

    (i wont be using but i figured it might help others.)
  2. As long as the base is compatible with your socket and the socket your using is rated at the same or higher wattage you'll be fine. Keep in mind though that just because it might be at the same wattage as an HID it wont put out as much light and will put out more heat when comparing heat to lumens. If its your first grow though yeah go for it, those will work great. Hell my first grow was a bunch of fluro tubes and little CFLs and I got 2 ounces (after 4 or 5 months of hard labor). Dont get discouraged just keep growing, CFLs are great for a first grow just update from there as you go along.

    Oh one thing if you use fluros I recommend you take off the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the branches and keep the plants at 2 feet or less in height. Will save you a lot of trouble and your yeild will be a lot bigger.
  3. Anyone know where to get hardware for the socket and ballast part?

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