100 w cfl is it worth it?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lil22, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I have a 100 w cfl and was wondering if anyone else has had experience with a 100 w cfl.
  2. If that is the actual power consumed, it's a decent light, good for one plant.
    If it's a 100W equivalent lighting, not enough. The rule of thumb for CFL grows is 100W for the first plant and 50W for each additional plant.
    Also, plan for and learn to LST or SCROG. CFL's do not have enough "reach" to grow buds below the canopy, so you want to strive for a low plant with as many side branches as you can train. SCROG is great for this.

    Bestaluck to ya.
  3. Actually I find having a tall plant or two allows me to hang the CFL's between the colas in virtical fashion taking advantage of every bit of light they put off.

    But yeah what Olde School said, I used to use those 47 watt bulbs in the orange spectrum for flowering, 4 plants and found I got more bud when I didnt scrog or lst and hung the bulbs between the colas.

    The cool thing about the cfls is I could add more if I needed to as its relativly inexpenssive compared to HID's.

    The bud was never dense but it was way cheaper to grow 2 ounces a month then to buy it, in the long run that is, initial start up set me back to the point I was sober for the first few weeks till I got paid again.

    That was back in the day though.

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