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100 sac

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jennypenny, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. heyy my sisters gettin me a 100 sac tomorrow..does anyone have a pic of how much that is or can give me an idea?Thanks:)
  2. Should be about an ounce of mids, a half of some alright bud, or a quarter of that fire
  3. uhh depends where you are and the prices in that area.. duh.. a 100 bag for me would be about 21 grams/3 quarters
  4. in canada i get halfs of dank for about 100
  5. An eighth, a quarter, or a half, depending on the source and quality. Might want to ask.

    (Prices high? Well, I live in Hell. Thanks for caring.)
  6. should buy by the weight. Not a "100sack" lol
  7. 100 grams or $100 dollars worth? Well it will be a big fucking bag if its 100 grams and could be any size if its $100. depends on if its skank, mids, or dank.
  8. If it is high quality then you can expect at least a quarter oz. If it's mid grade then expect about a half oz-3/4 oz and if it's that shwag then you can get probably 2.5 oz. Keep in mind prices vary differently depending on your location, you might get higher or lower prices, but around here that's what it's like and MA has some crazy expensive weed, especially for the good stuff.
  9. somewhere between a 1/4 and 1/2, closer to 1/2
  10. Buy by weight, not by price.

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