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Discussion in 'General' started by smawt_pokur, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Ok so I work in a grocery store, and one day they had me working in the organic foods section, and suddenly i came accross this. had to take a pic and show you guys. notice the backround images on the boxes. Heh, also, it has the Best Taste of 2004 award on it. i think i may just try it...

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  2. lol that is fucking tooooo good. we are well on our way to legalization........ i love the little plants in teh background too. but marijuana can be used for nearly everything....what a miracle plant
  3. well it wont get you high...its hemp...seeeeeds
  4. Haha, love the background.
  5. im gonna invent bud brownies mix...... lol. it will have the little bud butter packet in there, and on the ingredients ill put "herbs".....lol. then if they ask, ill say it was hemp, and if they say there was alot of thc in it ill say i didnt know.....
  6. I've seen that stuff before. I laughed.
  7. if i come across some of that shit, i'll buy it and save it to show my grandchildren when anti-weed campiagns start brainwashing ppl through the television haha

    ~~~~weed is evil~~~~weed makes u go crazy~~~~

    it'll be the 1930's all over again

  8. ....wasnt there a post in one of these forums for a free spell checking program? :D

    oh, and yeah, i live in New Hampshire (USA for the stoners who forget where it is :D)
  9. spell checkers dont pick up stoner lingo :D

  10. \
    \....lol are you stoned or drunk?
  11. maybe he's smoked stupid
  12. yeah you had to be drunk for that...being stoned doesnt make you that retarded lol
  13. no offense by the way im just referring to how, thats how i get when im wasted off liquor...
  14. i think it was stickied to...... "a spell checker for all you blades" ...........?!?

    this thread is fucked.....

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