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  1. Hey everyone,

    Lets just say I know a guy who knows a guy who mentioned that he knows a guy who might be starting a 100 plant grow. This guy also happened to mention that he didn't want to get caught and was looking for advice on how to get the job done without that happening.

    The guy who is growing will probably be doing so in a farmhouse out in the countryside in the uk in the bog ends of nowhere and is most worried about smell + helicopters. Ive heard many people mention such things as "stealth grows" which use LED lights and air filters that filter out the smell and such.

    What would you guys recommend? The budget is around 15,000 dollars. I'd like the setup to be as secure and safe as possible while still maintining high quality plants.

    All help is appreciated.
  2. in the uk, give it few month or a year, you will eventually get caught.

    few of my friends who grew in there basement around 50-60 plants using most hi-tech equipment still got caught and now in prison 10 years all together for the three.

    its not impossible but there's always a chance of getting caught with that much plants!

    good luck though!
  3. Well I'll be growing out in the countryside with not many other houses around. If I can get rid of the smell and keep the heat down I dont see how getting caught is an option. Obviously there's always a chance tho.
  4. 15,000$ budget...and this is your first time?

    Alrighty.. Smell and power consumption would be my biggest worries. 100 plants worth of lights is gonna take up a nice chunk of your electricity bill, and it could get quite expensive. Just make sure you pay it.

    For smell, you'd need a lot of carbon filters. Research them and you'll understand more.

    Still trying to determine whether or not you're a troll. 15,000 is quite a bit to throw down on your first grow lol.
  5. With LED lights how many lights do you guys think I'm looking at for a 100 plant grow and what price / month would you guess I'm looking at?

    Thanks again.
  6. the LED lights I was looking at are 600 watt and they aparently cover 2 meters squared. I was looking to get 6 of them what do you think? Is that enough for a 100 plants which will be covered around 8 meters squared?
  7. If your budget is 15 grand I say do it right and get like 15 of those 600 watts if u have your heart set on LEDs but personally if I were u Id get some hps lights
  8. Start small, learn what you're doing first. Keep in mind that electrical consumption for a 100 plant grow will be a huge red flag if the power company or the cops happen to be looking at such things.
  9. Well according to what Ive read 600 watts LED is the equivelent to around 1200 + of HPS. At 18 hours a day 6 lights is about 8 euro / day or 200 a month. Doesn't seem out of the ordinary to me.

  10. What he's saying is when your electric bill jumps from say 25 a month right now to 200 a month in one month.... Someone might take notice.
  11. only way to beat the power company without getting noticed is to steal from them. All of this is illegal. just depends on how illegal you want to get. I would agree with what someone said earlier. Start small, and learn. Then go from there!

  12. Well..... Not exactly true. With a 15k budget I would build my own solar panels and setup a nice battery reserve:hello:. This would be totally legal but the giant solar panels on your farms roof in the middle of nowhere might attract attention. ENLESS you put a giant banner that says "SAVE THE EARTH". Then they just think your one of those eco nuts :D. Lol but ya I think a grow powered by solar panels would be cool. Maybe someday.....:smoke:
  13. Don't ever steal from the electric company, it is the one way to definitely get caught! But then again growing 100 plants mean your selling and that means...well...hope you like orange jump suits:mad:.

  14. Solar is Alot more expensive then 15 k for that amount needed. 6 of those lights won't really be even close to enough for 100 plants. Unless you keep them real small and do sea of green style.
  15. i like this guys idea.
  16. 4 reason people get caught in uk.

    1) helicopters with infra-red cameras, you'll need to buy a lot of IR block
    2) smell, carbon filters obviously
    3) power consumption, you can either, keep power use low, use a generator, build a wind turbine
    4) talking about it.

  17. Without getting into a big discussion about it, Solar panels PROFESSIONALLY built ARE expensive.... Solar panels HOMEMADE are affordable and with a 15k budget could definitely be done. Depends on the person I suppose though.

  18. Show me the materials you would buy that would generate enough power solar style for 6 600 watt lights for 15k. It simply cannot be done....I'd love to be wrong because I would have no problem spending 15k for that kind of solar power.
  19. Might grow a few now, while you think about your goal grow. Work the learning curve out and start working on the build slowly. How aren't you going to give yourself away when you start ordering all these lights?

  20. I said without getting into a big discussion. :wave:

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