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  1. What are some 100% organic (not partially organic) nutrient lines? I have this General Organics Go Box that has:
    16oz BioThrive Grow
    16oz BioThrive Bloom
    8oz CaMg+
    8oz BioRoot
    8oz BioWeed
    8oz BioBud
    8oz BioMarine
    8oz Diamond Black

    Is this line 100% organic?
  2. I'm transitioning out of the BioBizz line and have had great results from it...but once you understand what they're made of...it becomes easier just to build your own "nutes" from select resources.

  3. grnganja

    The Oregon Department of Agriculture banned the entire GH Organic product line back in November, 2010 for mislabeling.

    An OMRI sticker does not = organic. Ever. Never. Can't happen.

    It's not an organic line by any definition.


  4. Corto Malteze Talk to this guy about natural ferts. He has them pretty dialed in.
  5. what is HTH and LD2?
  6. HTH= Happy to help or hope this helps

    LD2 = LumperDawgz2


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  7. nothing is 100% organic. There are heavy metals, trace minerals, all sorts of by non organic stuff in stuff claiming to be 100% organic. Now determining what you are going to call organic and being happy with that is another thing which is what you all have been doing all along. The fact is the labels made you feel good about yourselves so you could sleep at night.

  8. you two guys are tireless in your efforts :) You suffer for your work :wave:
  9. Actually what I'm suffering right this minute is 'brain pain' in trying to make some kind of sense of Post #7 - even applying the "stoner versions" of established science in disciplines such as biology, botany, chemistry - I still couldn't make any sense out of it.

    Maybe an understudy to FatBoy Mike at Advanced Nutrients? New editor for "Whore? Hey!" Cervantes?

    Tough call..........

  10. LOL @ possuum.......
  11. LOL @ LD!oops.........LD2!
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  13. Are there actually 2 LumperDawgz out there or is this just LD version 2.0?


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  15. And to try and answer the original post...

    Learn how to make your own stuff rather than trying to buy it. The only way I really ever feel certain that something is "truly organic" is when I have a hand in doing it.

    It's fun, saves you money, and provides you with invaluable knowledge...

    And knowledge is power!!!

    And by the way... Books, check em out!

    (This post provided by the National Public Library) :)
  16. And I am about to buy a new computer, OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :eek:
  17. I've been interested in doing as organic a medical grow as possible. At the grow store I get the same schtick, different gumby trying to sell me this or that cuz it's "organic". Nothing I would counter with would shut them up or get them to say something intelligent, until.... in Rome do as the Romans do. Now I tell the brainless wonders, "ok, if it's so organic, then go chug-a-lug-it. You said it was safe, right?" Gumbies then go and hide. OMRI IS a joke, put on your spectacles and bite your tongue at what you read, the teensy eensy weensy small print.
  18. Lumper is a true sadhu as well as possum, chunk and countless others. Their scope and understanding of organic is superb.

    OP I like yourself tried going the "organic" nutrient way for my 1st grow with Roots Organics nutes and it has served me well so far. But after further reading I think that once my supplies are finished I'm def gonna go full organic and source whatever I put into my soil and plant individually.

    Not to thread jack but whats the deal with the OMRI stuff. Is it just b.s.? and if so what should others like myself and OP look for when buying meals and such?
  19. to keep as organic as possible wouldnt it be best to buy the individual ingredients (guano, molasses etc.) and mix them to your liking staying as natural and least processed as possible? it seems that there are a lot of companies that say organic when its really not. the word organic seems to be added to the list of key selling words just to sell a companies product now a days. would it be easier to find a company that is actually 100% organic or make your own blend of natural additives for each stage of growth?

  20. I'll throw out a fairly broad statement and it will justly draw some critique and clarification.

    The OMRI label is somewhat like the Underwriters Laboratory label. OMRI is a not-for-profit organization that earns revenue in many ways not the least of which is certifying whether a specific product meets the guidelines for use in agriculture and human food consumption under the auspicies of being "100% organic" or "au naturale". The trick part of understanding the value of the label is to understand what is permitted per the National Organic Program (NOP - US Dept of Agriculture) and ensure the product falls minimally within those guidelines. i.e. "it is safe" to put on a plant that will be eaten by a human. Just like the UL label indicates an electrical product "is safe" if used as instructed the UL label doesn't guarantee that the product won't cause a person any harm if they use it. It's just a label that some compnay has paid money to UL to certify - like the Good Housekeeping seal. The OMRI organization serves in a similar capacity to certify that a particular product falls within the guidelines of the NOP, and is safe for use in food production. That's it really.

    That said, the OMRI label, or perhaps better yet the absence of the OMRI label on a product claiming to be "100% organic" should be scrutinized to ensure one knows what's exactly in the package. Federal and state laws governing fertilizer labels are not 100% consistent amongst each other in every catergory or instance for a product that is sold as "fertilizer" or plant food.

    I'm not intending to diss nor am I inferring that the OMRI label does not hold value, in fact I think it does. However, depending on how "organic" one wants to be one really needs to go beyond a label or certification to seek that truth. And the truth is out there. Sometimes one just needs to dig a little bit on a particular product or ammendment. I don't think just because a fertilizer or soil ammendment has an OMRI label on the true organic purist will accept that based on a label alone. He/she will want to know exactly what the product is comprised of - 100% of it in totality.

    Does this make sense?

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