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100% Organic grow with Grower's Secret Method & Professional Mushroom Technology

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by 420 Organics, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Hello All,

    Anyone into growing 100% Organically??? If into hydroponics Grower's Secret METHOD is the only complete line you can use in even aeroponics without salt & slime build ups. I've grown with Bio Bizz, Botanicare, and General Organics - all of which gave me salt builds ups and bio slime - NO PROBLEMS WITH GS METHOD!!!

    It is fully micronized so plants can readily uptake nutrients immediately. This is similar to Advanced Nutrients expensive and chemically driven chelation process, but less money and more concentrated. Check out some pics from my grow. I really attribute most of the success in these grows to Grower's Secret Mushroom Technology which they call the "Professional." Helps shorten crop cycles and my trichome count has been off the charts while incorporating this plant growth enhancer.







    & my rotation after at my new location:









  2. Hey, hows it going? I'm still fairly new to the whole growing scene but I am eager learn and get better. I have recently ran out of my technaflora 3 part Nutrient line and have since been reading around and going to local shops looking for a good organic hydro friendly line to use next. My first choice was Humboldt Natural Line with DeuceDeuce and a few other additives. I have only heard good things from Humboldt so I feel like it would be a safe choice.
    But now a local shop just got the Grower's Secret line which seems like awesome stuff. So I would like to get your opinion on this new line from Hawaii. Did you use all of their products or just the main Strengthen, Energize, Accelerate, Expand and Punch? I was thinking just those along with Thicken, Vitalize and Growers Secret Pro.

    I am also interested in your grow. What type of hydro system are you using?
    How long of a veg period are you using? Whats your avg. yeild per grow/plant with your type of lights?
    And most of all what type of strain is that?? That looks amazingly delicious and dense.
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    Thanks for you interest in my grow and growing organically. First and foremost, I have not used Humboldt Natural in a Hydroponics System. From my experiences, nearly all lines out there will create bio slime, salt build ups, and more. It wasn't until Grower's Secret came out with their METHOD that I decided to give their nutes a run through my hydro and aeroponics systems. In the past I've done Bio Bizz, General Organics, and Botanicare - what I really like about Grower's Secret is that it is 100% Organic, not 100% Natural which means some synthetics are in the mix and preservatives such as EDTA, ammonia, etc... I am really hardcore into an organic lifestyle.

    I use Grower's Secret Professional (Patented Mushroom Technology, this is what really sets the line apart from anything else on the market.), Expand (Humic & Fulvic Acid with Kelp. It is a soy based protein hydrolysate), Punch (stabilized earthworm castings), Vitalize (mychorrizea and trichoderma that is the same quality as Great White but HALF the price per pound), Energize (molasses to help feed microbial activity and increase BRIX- Carbo Load), Thicken (kelp, filled with cytokinins which is a natural biostimulant in itself), and Grower's SEcret Nitrogen which is a 16-0-0 plant based, salt free, and available immediately to your plants. I have literally seen some of my yellow leaves during flower - because of too much P & K and not quite enough Nitrogen - go from yellow to turn green in a half hour period. The plant absorbs ALL of the Nitrogen immediately!)

    Grower's Secret really has some amazing products that fill a void in the Organic Hydroponics/Medical market.

    My partner and I have used every hydro system out there from recirculating to aeroponics. We have seen best results with aero. currently i am looking into fogponics and will probably be running tests here in a short while.

    In regards to veg it depends on the strain. As little as 4 weeks and as much as 8. But this also totally depends if we're talking indoor growing or my outdoor trees :)

    Whenever possible, i always go greenhouse because there is not a single light on this planet that can compare to the sun. Yield, trichomes, and overall health of the plant is dramatically better while under sun. I like 1000 watt lights but then u get hot rooms where u needs fans and ducts. Currently testing out a few different LED's to see if they can hold up and produce during flowering. so far a few have the potential.

    And for strains, we grow all kinds. The ones you're referring to I believe are the Super Lemon Haze, but at the same time it could be Diablo OG.

    I mostly attribute the success of the grow to:
    1) Sun
    2) Grower's Secret Professional, Patented Mushroom Technology
    3) High Quality Organic Nutrients
    4) Having the philosophy that the reason we bring plants indoor is to MAXIMIZE and make an OPTIMAL growing environment while keeping in mind the NATURAL PROCESS and doing your best to implement it.

    Thanks for your support Mrmm...I love talking growing and love this Industry. Please feel free to ask more questions and let me know anyway I can help man.









  4. You have an amazing set-up! I'm looking into organics, have been for awhile actually. But apartment living keeps me from having the luxury to make my own soils in the garage, or have a designated area to brew my teas...someday I hope I can grow exclusively with organics when I get the space...till then I will study up from growers like yourself. Welcome to the City as well :bongin:
  5. Wow thats a nice setup, I'm currently on my first organic grow but I'm using an organic soil mix with aerated tea's if I need nutrients down the line (hopefully I won't)
  6. RooRgle,

    Appreciate all of your praise and glad you have been looking into Organics. Why haven't you made the change? Your plants and your immune system will appreciate it! Much, MUCH HEALTHIER!!! Obviously it is more fun to brew your own organic tea, but you don't need room to give your plants organic nutrients. I've been really happy with Grower's Secret - especially since I've grown with over 5 different nutrients in the past 7 years.

    Have you tried using any organic bio stimulants to increase yield, terpenes, trichomes, shortened crop cycle, and more!??!!?

    Thank you for the welcome to GRASS CITY my friend.

  7. What are you throwing in your tea??? Hopefully you won't need to supplement anything. I'm curious what you're doing in your tea and if you might need to supplement any more nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and more???:smoke:
  8. I'm going to base what I use in my tea's off of what my plant needs, if its showing a deficiency just whatever I need to correct it. Hopefully the micro-organisms in my soil keep it well fed though and I won't have to use them.

    You can check out my grow journal if you want to see whats in my soil now, I'll be adding more as I go though along with things like alfalfa tea's and using endomyco on my roots.

  9. Very cool man, I will check out the grow....get back to you soon man! And I like your philosophy on how you're feeding your plants. Keep it up man!:bongin:
  10. As you've seen in my auto thread, my situation has changed in the last 2 months. I've mostly been a small cabinet grower, for the experience of growing. Since I started 2 yrs ago I've upgraded to the tent and 250w hps. It's not really an issue of space for my plants, its mostly an issue of the space my girlfriend gives me in our apartment to grow, haha :bongin:

    I was considering super soil recipes, only having to water is a huge plus, and I have a month or so before my next grow, so I can make my soil and let it sit out for the 30+ days. Would this be an easy transition into organics?
  11. HAHA, that's funny about the girlfriend. Most of my friends say they have the same situation with their girl. LOL

    In regards to how easy is it to transition to Organic, it's very easy in my mind. I didn't really even consider it as a transition at all really, more of a Health Issue. I have read a lot of case studies and results on many things - more than I could even go into, I am a huge researcher...

    Specifically to this point raw cannabis, healing powers of cannabis, and case studies on what GMO Crop/Sythentically Grown crop - not just weed all vegetables in general. It is bull shit how it's even legal to sell crops onto the open market that are grown with chemicals. They are beyond detrimental to our health causing issues from cancerous tumors to lowering ones immune system and making them more susceptible to many diseases and viruses.

    Another point why it is not much of a transition or difficulty is because plants will only take up what they need and neglect or let the rest go to waste. This is especially true with chemical nutrients. Growers like to spike the hell out of their plants causing burns and can even lead to nutrient lock out. THIS IS NOT NATURAL. In Nature a plant would not randomly have an absurd amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, or Potassium during vegetative growth or flowering.

    So from a Naturalist Approach of Philosophy, Organic is familiar to the plant - things that are found in our Earth. Not extracted chemicals and highly concentrated minerals that easily burn plants and pump them full of synthetics and fillers. Plants need what they need.

    Calculated augmentation of nutrients is wonderful, it's when people start pouring nutes without regard that feeding liquid nutrients can be detrimental to one's grow.

    RooRgle, if the health issue is not concerning to you there are a number of HOT soils on the market that give good results with just adding water. In regards to what you're doing right now and having your soil sit out for a month, you have no wait time with some 100% Organic Nutrients because it's Natural and ALL AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY to the plant. Make sure to look into what company and their source of product because as always, some products are better on the market than others.
  12. Fucking speechless man. Absolutely beautiful set-up, and crop.
  13. please tell me more about growing organic...... what are the benefits?? I have a supercloset deluxe and wouldn't mind growing organic..... btw this will be my first grow so I am a super noob hahaha

  14. Todderfran,

    Really appreciate the praise and glad you like the set up and crop. I wish you all could see my greenhouses and different breeds. It's a fucking Willy Wonky Factory of DANKEDY DANK!!! I'm very reluctant to post though due to the high volume of inventory.

    Nevertheless, thanks for all your kinds reviews!


  15. Ghettostarz,

    Appreciate your interest in Growing Organically! For me, the major benefits are health related. Do yourself a favor and in your free time research Genetically Modified Crops, Pesticides, and Synthetic/Chemically Grown Crops and the detriments they have on human health. Anywhere from collapsed immune systems, cancerous tumor growth, lower sperm count/infertility, everything in between and BEYOND. THERE IS A PLETHORA OF HEALTH RELATED INFO OUT THERE. More over, numerous chemical nutrients in this Industry use products that you would clean your toilet bowl with and things similar to draino - HOW COULD THIS BE NATURAL OR HEALTHY FOR YOU AND YOUR PLANTS!?!?!?!?

    In regards to growing philosophy with an Organic & Naturalistic approach, review some of my posts on the thread above.

    Please ask me any and all other questions, I love Grower's Support and sharing Growing KNOWLEDGE
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    Are you currently growing?

    You should make this a journal, and advertise that way :)).

  17. Yo Man,

    I am currently growing in numerous locations but they are not close to me. I am very consumed with work right now. I am in the process of setting up some more greenhouses in my new home. Won't be for two more months till I get to put pics of my grow up on the daily.

    Thanks for the interest man. I will do my best to visit some of my plants at their locations and get some Organic Pics!:bongin:
  18. I hope all is well!!

    "Quality, over Quantity."
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    420 Organics! Hey, I'm back after getting my hands on G.S.M. It has been an exciting few weeks since purchasing this line, but I feel like I have ran into a few problems. First off, I created my hydro setup out of PVC, nutrients get fed up to one side then gravity sends it running down the pipe where it switches back and runs back to the reservoir. I have no airstones because I'm using a waterfall system to oxygenate the nutrient solution. This is where the foam comes in.. I have read that foam is a good sign of oxygenation and beneficial bacteria. But I have also read I should prevent foam due to it being breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. I digress, I am an undereducated noob when it comes to hydro, and even more so when it comes to organics :p
    While reading about GSM in their site, I came across "will not cause a rootbeer float in your reservoir" which is exactly what I'm experiencing. Other threads where organics are used, foam is present for the first 24hrs but then disappears. The foam in my rez stays all week long.
    Should I be worried about this float of mine? Or is it just an issue with my waterfall setup?

    Next question I need answered is about the PH of the solution. Do I need to worry about PHing after adding this line of nutrients? You mentioned the nutrients in GSM are all readily available. I'm not sure exactly what this means.. Whether they're chelated or something else is going in. (organicsnoob). Currently I adjust the PH of the fresh water the day before switching out the rez. My plants are experiencing slight yellowing of new growth, with the tips Iof the older leaves seem to be decaying or turning redish. I am using Botanicare's Cal/mag + along with GSMs accelerate, punch, expand, energize, and strengthen accordingly. Could the Cal/mag be causing a problem with the nutrient uptake of my plants?

    Lastly.. Cleaning and sterilizing. I understand using h202 in rez will deplete a lot of beneficial microbes and bacteria when used in conjunction with organics. But I feel the need to clean my rez and rootsystems still.. What do you suggest?

    I understand you're a busy person, and you might not be hanging around this site anymore. But if you happen to get on and read this I'd greatly appreciate your input again.

    Sincerely Mr.M
  20. Whatever happened to 420 Organics? Its like he just vanished a couple years ago without so much as a goodbye. Last activity he has on here was in 2012. Please tell me he's not incarcerated or even worse, no longer with us? If anyone knows what happened & you're in a position to share, please give us the 411?

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