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Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic Kid, May 14, 2006.

  1. Hey I was woundering do those 100% legal buds still get you high? Also is it a good deal to buy them?
  2. NO NO NO NO!!! they are scams my friend......dooo not order them.... stick to the weed... its just like flavored tobacco that looks like weed..just minus the THC
  3. Thanks man, I thought it would get you high but I was wrong lol..I should tell my friends before they order it
  4. From what I hear, it gives you about 1/100th of a buzz. Just stick with the real thing.
  5. yea man ppl are just trying to jew you of ur money and if you do get high from them then well uhh you wont so
  6. THC is what makes you feel good. THC is illegal, therefore not in those legal buds, therefore they do not get you high.
  7. Yea..That is true I'll just stick to what I buy
  8. yes, as everyone here said, they are a complete rip off. been there and done that as a younger teen and it's just a waste of money.

    however, there are a couple of legal herbs you can get that will get you high, those being salvia divionorum and kratum.

    i think gc sells both here on the site but a quick google search will give you a lot of suppliers. use a reputable one like iamshaaman.com because there are a few rip off sights out there.

    make sure that b4 you use saliva or kratum you research the effects and methods of injestion thoroughly (erowid.com is a great resource).
  9. I've heard of it but never tried it thanks for the info
  10. if i bought some, and persay, i was to MATCH someone bud, like j for j, and we smoked his, we get high, and then smoke mine, would it give the placebo high and he would think its weed? i mean is it GOOD enough to trick the average person into thinking its weed without knowing ahead of time
  11. Hahaha, sneaky sneaky, eh?
  12. lol, we tried to do that to some kid who was a major bitch and would never smoke anyone up unless they matched him...it didnt work so well, the stuff didnt even look like weed. it was good for a laugh tho, and he was wicked pissed :D

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