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100% kief out of a bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JEI3US, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Im dry right now but I got a bowl full of kief in the grinder should I rip it or is it a bad idea.
  2. is getting high a bad idea?

    i think i answered your question
  3. Well Ive only smoked kief as a topper never pure kief and I heard it can give you a headache this is why I ask.
  4. hell yeah man pack that shit in there

    if you're scared up some falling put it on tobacco.
  5. no headache actually cures them pretty well
  6. Lol you're going to have a difficult time keeping it in the bowl with no weed to stop it, and I see a full rip of pure kief being pretty harsh. I like kief as a topper but alone it has the power to choke you.
  7. Yeah it's fine I consider it a weed delicacy
  8. I personally don't get headaches from. Although I've only resorted to a small spoon of kief but never a bong. I would try it though. Let me know how it goes por favor.
  9. You'll be mega high man. Considering how hash is just smashed up keif. It will be awesome. I've done a 50% weed 50% keif bowl out of my bong and I couldn't even finish it because I got so high hahaha
  10. Do it man you wont regret it. You'll probably just cough.. alot
  11. Once I did a fat waterfall bong hit of Kief. I was absolutely gone.
  12. well i smoked half the kief and it got me stupid high! I mustve stared at my bong for 20-30 minutes just thinking of shit.
  13. That's what i have a lot, and i'm about to have a keif bowl from my little bong in a few min. :bongin:

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