100 for a ROOR

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  1. No pictures of it. However; I will describe it.
    Totally vanilla besides the ROOR logo which is a rasta blend.
    40mm non pursed mouth piece.
    40mm 2.5 feet in total height.
    18mm Downstem
    Has ice hold
    Personal Appeal
    Never had a ROOR before.
    Like I said. It is a flat $100. Comes w/ down stem and bowl. (Vanilla) 
    I could MAYBE talk this guy down to a 90.
    Guy is telling me MSRP on this is 120-130 already.
    Good deal? Or is this guy bullshitting me?

  2. Fake. You won't find a genuine Roor for $100. Is it used?
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    Its at my local headship. It is not used.
    Its old and has a gaudy mouth piece.
  4. It's 100 percent fake then and you should take your business to a shop that doesn't sell counterfeit goods and lie to their customers. 
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  5. I would go back...
    And put the money on the table all serious, all Pawn Stars like. (Bring fat friends wearing black shirts for effect)
    And ask to see it again before you purchase it.
    Look over it for awhile. 15 minutes minimum.
    Say you need to have a professionals opinion..
    Have fat friend look at it...
    Say this is lower quality glass. a low price too, but not used... strange.
    Roor logo is off...
    I'd give it a value of $14, made in Hong Kong.
    offer her $7.
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  6. For that price, it's likely fake. Now, it might still be a decent bong, but there's a very good chance the shop worker is lying through his teeth, or possibly ignorant himself. If it was a no-name bong, would you buy it at that price? Does it look well constructed? Is the glass thick?
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    You mean "let me call a friend who's an expert in this field". Then, proceed to bring in the person you know in your life that appears as the most classic and even perhaps eccentric stoner, and have them examine it and give their "expert opinion" LOL :ey:
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  8. Willie Nelson walks in...
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