100 for a 4th?

Discussion in 'General' started by McLovin23_x2, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. i started buying by the 4th and im wondering, what do you all think of that? ive had some better prives in my day, but people come and go. so i got this price to work wiht.

    what do you pay for a 4th?
  2. 30 for mids, 60 for beasters, 80 for headies, 100+ for medical grade.

    I actually don't even know if my middie connect is still aroudn actually, but that's what I used to get it for.
  3. 100$ for a quarter = does not compute.
  4. $100 is REALLY high, but not unheard of depending on where you're at. For that price though, it better be damn good herb.

    I recommend buying ounces at a time... it's much cheaper, and dealers take you more seriously and are less likely to rip you off. At least, that's been my experience.
  5. I've seen medical grade shit go for $120 a 1/4 around here (Philly area). Those prices aren't unheard of. It really depends on how good the herb is, where you live, and who you know. I've met a few peeps and now, instead of paying $480 an O for the best, I only pay $350-$400.
  6. around chicago ounces are 400 so we get 100 4ths.
  7. For good headies around here it is typically 110 for a quarter, 400 an O.
  8. $45-50 usually.
    $55-60 if its dank.
  9. shit around here ranges from 60 a quad for mids up to 120 a qaud for some kush or something dank.
  10. I usual pay about $80 a 1/4 for some fairly dank.
  11. Who calls a quarter a 4th?
  12. That is what I was wondering it seems like very weird lingo.
  13. DANK is 120 a quarter 400 an o
    mids are around 60 a quarter never bought an o of mids
    dont know anything about regs
  14. Times like these make me appreciate that I live in Canada. I live close to Toronto, and dope is abundant and cheap. I usually pay abouts $40 for 1/8th of either sour diesel or some kush, and its good shit u know I cant complain. For a quad of sticky i usually dish up around $70, so basically a $10/g medium. Mind you not everyone can get these prices, as I am fortunate to have a god dealer that i'v been getting shit from for about 5 years so as his long term customer sometimes i get a discount u know.

    For local grown dirt weed its basically $10 for first g and then $5-7/g additional, so again, not that bad.

    So if you are paying $100 for a quad, its pretty high to what I would be paying, but I am fortunate to be living in a good area for marijuana consumption.
  15. i would never in my life pay that much.
    i pay 55. could be higher.. depends who i go to, i guess.

  16. LOL....

    vick of regs...20

    mid 30

    dank 120

    those arent the prices i pay just the "standard buyer" (no relationship=no discount) prices around here
  17. This.
  18. I pay $90 1/4 for dank, and buy $45 mids for when I make brownies, rolling blunts, etc
  19. I get beasters from $80-90 and depending on the quality of dank $100-110

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