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$100, for 7 GRAMS??????? Images Included!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shamayne, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. man, not to be a downer, but I hate these threads. About half the people address the OP, then the other half are like LOLZ I GET AN O OF SUPERDANK FOR 60 U NEED BETTER DEALERZ1!!1!1 like ok cool we get it you're the best stoner ever and your weed is the best, no one cares except you.

    ANYWAY @OP: that's a bit much for 7g's, and the weed isn't good enough for overpaying like that. You got ripped off a bit, but not horribly. Try to find a better connect but in the meantime blaze away :)

    and if you choose to buy from him again, tell him that you thought the bag last time was a little short for $100. Don't let dealers push you around, if you don't say shit he might be an asshole and give you even less for your money next time.
  2. about a month ago i bought a quarter for 100.. could have brought him down to 80 but i only had a 100 bill on me.. :\
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    lol, you mad?

    I did erase my message because even if your message wasnt directed at me, you are right, it was useless. But a useless post in a useless thread, whats the difference.

    Maybe you would have prefered I type this instead?

    1)This is the 1000000000x post about this and every single time the answer is the same. ( price different everywhere, hard to eye ball, hard to judge quality of weed, etc)

    2)the first answers in the FAQ (stickied in apprentice toker that everyone should read before posting) is this :

    "Did I get ripped off?
    Only you can truly determine this. If you think you paid too much, you paid too much. Prices are subjective to quality, quantity, and location. You can't always accurately "eyeball" your herbal purchase, so the only sure-fire way of not getting ripped off is buying a scale. Grasscity offers a selection of scales in the Grasscity Shop. The standard price (Where I live) for a gram of mids/high-mids is $10. When you buy more, you normally would be getting a discount. Always remember, NEVER FRONT MONEY! (Unless your dealer is also a close friend.)"

    3) in google you type "weed price 'your city'" and look at the first link (webehigh) and there should be pricing information. If you think you pay too much you can compare.
  4. thats about regular price actually, 100 for a quarter (7grams is a quarter) its not bad, but considering that I have seen dispensairies around here let their quarters go for under 100 for top shelf and your buds there do not really look like top shelf (maybe more like mids or lower?) it certainly needs some trimming still also... looks like the 'house blend' they sell for 25 an 8th here at this one club ! lol...

  5. nah dude, I'm not mad, I live in Seattle, WA and I get eighths of super dank medical for $30-40. I just don't need to put it on blast all the time. It wasn't directed at you either, I didn't even see your post until after I posted.
  6. Dude, I cant find shit so be happy! Got back from a week in Amsterdam in July and have been dry ever since. WTF
  7. just picked up 10 grams of OG kush for $85.. nbd. Canada rocks :smoke:
  8. #89 tharedhead, Sep 25, 2011
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    That looks very nice. Remember that size of bag can be deceiving because loose, fluffy bud makes for a bigger bag, with the same weight. Those buds look fairly dense, are they?:confused:
    Its good that you have a scale now.:)

  9. 120 where I'm at unless your dealer is your friend then they might hook you up with 100 110.
  10. here in winnipeg quarters of dank go for 50-60
    and 155 for an oz of mids and 175 for an oz of dank. nbd.
  11. Good for you ! Mexican brick weed sucks cock. :cool:
  12. 100 a quarter ounce seems to be the standard for high quality. That's why I quit buyin less than an ounce that I can get for 300.
  13. lool i dunno how much you guys pay for your weed norm but a 7 gram here in quebec canada of that type of weed quality is 40$ 50$ max =P
  14. #95 Username48, Sep 25, 2011
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    not gonna lie, i get a half oz of similar, if not better, quality weed for $120 here. (Alberta, Canada)
  15. Depends on your area. I pay $120 for 7 grams man.
  16. I get 5gms for about a dollar.. but hey, I live in India. xD
  17. That's regular price for dank. Anymore than that is a ripoff IMO $20g, $50-60 eighth (3.5g), $100-120 quarter (7g).
  18. It's a little steep. Typically that is 90 around here. 80 for that would be if you knew the dealer decently. At least the weed is pretty dank.
  19. I've had mids that look better than that. But yeah look isn't everything... But still.

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