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$100, for 7 GRAMS??????? Images Included!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shamayne, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Nah bro, that looks pretty dank. For a good price, pretty much anywhere.
  2. $100 quarter here
  3. Lmao, that's a decent price where I pay for some dank nuggets....

    And I see trichs sooo. You're good broseph.
  4. I am getting 8 gs for 20 :)
  5. It's not bad to pay 100 for a qtr in this country from a dealer, but not for that
  6. i cant pull up the pics, but if its some good bud then thats a good deal. Its no hookup, but your no ripped.

    I have a MMJ card in Arizona and they run us 120 a quarter which is rediculous, but whatever its the sense of security and legality + convenience you pay for I guess. Oh and its some BOMB!
  7. That looks more like 4 or 5 grams to me. I think you're getting ripped off on weight, but the price isn't too bad.

  8. :eek:

    LUCKIEST PERSON ALIVE I pay that for 1 lol
  9. I think you should change your dealer for once so that the first one comes to the track !
  10. I always negotiate with my guy. I have also been doing business with him for over 15 years
  11. Depends where u live but, over here 7 grams of dank is $90
  12. Like people keep saying "depends on where you are" $100 is pretty standard price for a quad of kind bud across the USA. I know cause I searched across this country for herb in my frequent travels. Yo BC canada, send some herb to Jacksonville, NC cause it is hard as hell to find quality herb there and with your crazy prices you obviously have more than enough of it.
  13. It looks pretty good, even though it has a lot of stick action

    $100 for a quarter is a pretty standard price though
  14. It looks pretty good, even though it has a lot of stick action

    $100 for a quarter is a pretty standard price though
  15. This is from my outside plant. Just took a few buds to try. Will b harvesting on friday. I know it needs trimmed but I bet its better than what you got there. Pics was taken with my phone.

    Attached Files:

  16. thats just some good lookin mids
  17. It was just some bag seed. Had a nice spicy lemony flavor to it. Very stony. Can't wait for my blueberry him abd critical to be done just switched to 12/12
  18. Gum and. Lol I'm using my phone
  19. Damn, where the fuck you live. Here in Michigan I can get half and once of some dank shit for 100 and some regs 50
  20. [quote name='"Armory"']that's how much people get here for 70 bucks.washington[/quote]

    Haha no shit

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