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$100, for 7 GRAMS??????? Images Included!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shamayne, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. 100 for your 7g isn't a ripoff depending on where you are

    that bud better have gotten you super stoned though
  2. I forgot what I was going to say....


    oh yeah! smoke that shit bro
  3. I'd pay 100 for that. That'd probably run me 120 with my current guy, he's been pretty bad lately.
  4. It's damn decent looking weed.... not the greatest but decent... And those are fair for street prices.
  5. 100$ in colorado is a half oz, but i used to live in connecticut where it was 120$ a quarter/7gs
  6. looks like some borderline piff. Might be 7g....might be less, if your buying any weight you should probably invest in a scale. The bud does look kinda dense so could possibly be 7g, but knowing most dealers its probably short a lil.
  7. yeah that looks like some high mids maybe, i mean that would probably be more than $100 around me, but then again prices here suck....
  8. I'd get that for like £35 o_o
  9. 7 grams is a quarter, which is 100$. your not getting ripped off if it's dank
  10. In Georgia most people want 120 for a quarter of dank,but if you ask around you can usually get it for a hundred, if you live in the southeast you should consider yourself lucky, unless it was shit weed, then I'd be pissed
  11. #51 potwaffle, Sep 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2011
    Looks like some pretty dank shit. I don't really know prices in America but in Barbados, a quarter of that would go for like $180 which is about $90 USD. I wouldn't think you're getting ripped off but it also matters where you live.
  12. Thats not bad, CO here. $50 direct from a grower if you know one. $80 and up from most dealers and even more in a dispensary...but thats just what I've seen. And this shit changes all the time.

    Market out here is flooded though. Every asshole it seems has schwag/mids out here they tried to grow saying the got dank wanting top dollar!
  13. For all the people saying he got ripped off, theres different prices in different areas... I don't expect to pay the same amount for a gram someone in california is going to pay. OP thats a deal, quads are usually $120 on the east coast.
  14. Up here in Vancouverr, bc we pay 50 for 1/4 of mids or 60 if u don't have good connects. Ussally 160-200 the o anybody who pays more than 10 bucks a gram is pretty stupid I pay 1600 the pound and end up getting it for 100 the o and it's always top quality straight from the dispesery

  15. if you know a grower and your still paying that much you doing something wrong
  16. In az a decent 7g cost 90 to 100 if u pay more then a hundred u got ripped. Also take in consideration sometimes a bag would look like more if the buds are light and fluffy depending on the nugs but always scale ur stuff.
  17. I wouldn't say your getting ripped off but paying high end prices I personally wouldn't pay more than $60 unless its really good or I'm desperate.
  18. in cali, the dealers would have a hard time pushin bud like that so they chop it up and pack it in 1.5 gram blunts and sell them for 10 bucks a pop.
  19. You didnt get ripped off. Maybe you overpaid a little bit due to location/connect/whatever, but you certainly didn't get ripped off.

    It doesn't look like the dankest of buds, but its definitely no mids. Looks like some lower shelf dank if you know what I'm saying. Probably like 7.5/8 out of 10 bud, so you cant really complain.
  20. You not getting ripped off. People need to understand the mean of supply and demand. For all you know he had 14 grams left(low supply) so he had high prices to get more supply.
    if he had 400 grams(high supply) im sure you will be getting a good deal. understand now?

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