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$100, for 7 GRAMS??????? Images Included!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shamayne, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. In Texas I'd get a oz of that for 90-100. That looks like what we call corn.
  2. standard price
  3. I guess I'm lucky if where I'm from, quarters are 30-40$ :D
  4. Looks like some flaming mids I used to be able to get at 160 an ounce.
  5. #25 HBGBUB, Sep 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2011
    Looks like it man. That's the price for a quarter but that's a quarter of bomb bud. That looks like so higher grade mids I'm sorry to tell ya that but I think you need to find another dealer
  6. Average price, not too good or bad. Chill.
  7. 25 for a quarter over here
  8. yea 100 for a 1/4 of fire is decent, but that's not fire looks like high mids at best.

    still a decent price for a new connect.
  9. i get super dank bud 1/4 for 40 bucks...
  10. damn dude, from my "friend" for 20 bucks more you could have got an oz of DANKEST OF THE DANK.
  11. would be a good pickup if you lived in missouri, cost 120 for 7gs

    edit- accidently voted yes, was quick glance at survey.
  12. 100 dollar quarters are straight here in houston. the bud looks right. you're fine fool but always be on the look out for better connects. remember: where theres decent pricing, theres better competition.
  13. Thats straight 20/gram if thats what people pay for in your area then good job bro but around here its 10/gram (michigan) but I have a fishy feeling that mids are gonna come back around here so I'll enjoy the 2/gram prices :D
  14. dude, you guys pay alot holy fuck. here in BC most people get an oz of dank for like 180. Me personally, though, i get the best prices. I just picked up an oz of hammerhead for 120. That's a steal.
  15. i never pay more than 65 for a quad
  16. the funniest part is the votes are 31 to 31..

    even funnier is that there is no middle ground. Either its a rip off or its not.

    I personally think the weed is not the best quality but the quantity is definitely right, unless the nuggs are very fluffy which they don't look like.
  17. Lol out in Cali I just paid 60 for 7gs of some dannnkk
  18. As others have said, it depends on the area you live in. Where I am even the best stuff runs $10/g with a discount if you are buying 1/4 or more.
  19. It's $100-$120 per 7 grams here.
  20. Me too! I smoke mids at a good price, cause the dro dealers I know try to anally rape you with high prices.

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