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$100 for 5 grams ...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by phillysmokes, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Is this alot, as in am I getting ripped off? It's pretty dank stuff ...
  2. i wouldnt do it...what state you in or where you from cuz tht could be a factor?
  3. im gonna guess you live in philly. I think 20/g is normal in most states (LOL), so that's fine.
  4. no man. 100 no less than a quarter, ever!

  5. Pennsylvania
  6. naww dont do it man
  7. Sadly I had to pay 100 for 5.5gs last week. Anything over an 8th should get you a discount, but the kids I buy from now don't do that. Oh well, this shit takes you to pluto so it's worth it.

  8. That's how I figure.
  9. #9 illadelphia1990, Jun 20, 2011
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    That's pretty weak. Should find a new dealer.. In phily were I use to live for real dank an oz would cost 480
  10. ask for a quarter for 120 . Wayyy better deal
  11. i wouldnt do it especially if its not 5.0g weighed in front of you...5 bags for 100$ and there bagged at .8 im guessing cuz this guys gotta make loot enless he gets weight mad the math
  12. Find a better dealer. Come on, I'm in texas (worst state for weed) and I get a quarter of dank for about 90
  13. Technically, no, you're not getting ripped if the standard is 20/g. But there are expected price breaks in between, so you're sort of getting screwed. If it's really, really dank stuff then go for it if you don't have other plans for that 5g.
  14. In quebec here I get 1g/10$ and it's pretty much good stuff. I have friend's that smoke alot, daily, and my best friend's a dealer so he knows his stuff.

    An ounce (28g's) I got it for 75$ but it was a really good deal, usually it's 120$ (regular stuff) and 140-150 for better or greater green

  15. I would say dont do it, unless you cant find any one else

    Here in nj its 20/g but if you buy a quarter its 100 for 7g
  16. Expensive in the states I see ****!
  17. Damn I need to move to canada. Lol

    But anyways no that's WAY too much. Even if the standard is 20$ a gram there. You should get a price beak since you're buying more. I pay 10$ a g where I live. So for $100 I would get at least twice as much as what you're gettin.. at least.
  18. Yeah dude move to canada...I'm getting some AK47 3.5g/20$ from my friend ^^

    Me and my two best friends smoke alot together, my other friend bought 8 grams and was going to sell me 4g for 20$ ^^
  19. shit snoop dogg sells 6 grams for 100 and you know its some top notch
  20. dude.. up in va it sucks. $100 for 5g's sounds just about right. grams are 20, 8th's are 60, quarters are 120. shit sucks.

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