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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ItsallforMoney, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. I am looking into building a 100 female plant grow room.I am going to use Afghan and white widow probally 80 afghans and 20 widows. Set up is going to be top notch incompassing 8 1000 watt MH lamps with a mean ehxuast system.This is going to be a soil grow and all the varibles will be monitered as well as the humidty and all the other little stuff. Now what I am wanting to know "assuming the growing conditions are ideal" is how much Dried ready to smoke bud will I be looking at? I know that the Afghan is a high yielding plant thats why we are using it.The white widow i dont know about how much they yield,and I dont bealive im going to get 400-700 grams off of each female like the websites proclaim.Also If you know a strain that will yield be a higher amount please let me know..
  2. great white shark, not autoflowering, is a great yielder if grown correctly.
  3. Have you ever thought of just having a small little set-up to provide you with the bud you'll need rather than to try some commercial grow ( first grow might I add) and get caught up real quick... for money is the game 2 huh?

    Making money because you got lavish dreams is cool... But to make our hobby into a profit driven scheme, which is nothing different than being a drug dealer, gives a bad name to what I do. Not trying to put you down homie, but if your in it for the profit I feel responsible to advise you to not chase the money because it going to bite you in the A$$, and for that reason feel uneasy answering your question ... dig?

    Besides.... If you're planning an Operation that size, you should already have had all the other basic down... There aint an exact number of yeild per plant under "ideal conditions", and theres a lot more then just "other little stuff".

  4. Too many variables to predict yield. Some you could shed light on -- how long are you planning to veg? Are you planning to top, fim, LST, or scrog?

    Think long and hard about doing a grow that big, you are well beyond wrist-slapping territory in most places.
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    lol dannng G chill out. I have a good grasp on the basic's its just that Ive never used this high quality of equpiment and on this large of scale..But shit man theres houses around here with a thousand plants.. You think its possible to pull 40 pounds from 100 plants? cause thats my goal 40-60
    Lol and yeah I know im doin like 5 if we get caught...but reall talk I might just end up doing more than my inital figure cause Id rather get lucky one big time than a few small times...My only issue really is the large ammount of electricty that will be needed for those lights
  6. could you pull 40 lb from 100 plants? yes. Will you pull 40 from a hundred plants? uhhhh not likely unless you are packing some serious horse power... I would also immagine running enough lights to pump out 40lb would raise some red flags with the power company, and at that point you would need a generator.
  7. Ya this is exactly what not to do. I completely agree with OG'er, being money driven when growing cannabis will only cause you problems.

    Have some respect for the trade.
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    lol I respect the trade but respect my grind rofl....I bet if all of you guys could grow 100 plants with out getting caught you would....You shouldnt care if I want to grow 100 or a million....besides You didnt grow your shit all along at one time you was buying from your "shitty dealer" or w.e, People need money People need good green...dude $3000x40= balln it up at magic city again LOL!!!! And btw this isnt my first grow just my first Big 1 and I just wanted some help lol but its cool I like a healthly debate

    PS..For any one not likeing what I am gonna do please go out and buy T.I's paper trail and turn to track 11...then do it again
  9. Let's be careful here, no talk of selling allowed here on GC.

    The OP has been given our ample advice to be cautious and to re-consider, and it appears he is comfortable with his decision. So be it.

    On electrical usage, no one knows what specific level will trigger suspicion. That number probably is different in each area and could change even within one area. Just consider this: average household usage is about 750 kilowatt hours per month, and running 8 1kw lights for only 12 hours a day will result in 2880 kilowatt hours per month, almost quadruple the average. And that's on only a 12 hour light schedule and also does not account for other electrical uses associated with the grow such as ventilation.
  10. why would you even post about something you were even thinking of doing that big...
  11. I saw on mythbusters that if you surround something with glass the infared senors on helicoptors cant detect any heat, so if I were going to do that I would surround the entire room in glass if you had the money. It might not be something grow houses have for one reason or another but it really does protect you from infared senors in the sky.
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    Its really not that big of a grow lol...I was jokeing about the magic city shit rofl.....but I just want to do 1 big grow so I have enough to smoke for a whole year..I dont want marijuana growing all the time...and besides were i live if you get caught with under 100 its really not that big of a deal....theres people getting caught with thousands and thousands of plants and shit around here...yeah they got caught but the dea and shit also took about 1.3 million in cash over the last 2 years lol...I dont want to sell my shit or be a drug lord or any thing crazy just want a nice harvest so i can smoke plentyfull.
    I really appreiate all the good comments and the constructive critisim
  13. Ah I see what your saying now, but i still wouldnt do it...i mean im going to be growing some auto flowering strains next month if the weather stays like it is now and they produce around an ounce. That seems like penty of weed to last a few months (atleast for me since i only smoke a few hours before i go to bed). Just be careful in what you do bro, i'de hate for you to get busted. If I were you and really wanted to have a large grow i'de do it outdoors and have it spread out in various areas of the county that nobody ever walks through.
  14. Wow that is a big load plus a lot of time behind bars:eek: if i was you id do it small cuz if you got pinched theyll no it was for slangin and not personal use but thats my opinion

    Good Luck on the grow but dont let to many people around u know;)
  15. OP,

    Regarding your question about electricity usage I can answer that for you although I am convinced if you really have your 'Ducks in a row' you should easily be able to do that yourself...


    @8KW/$.12/hour and 18hrs/7days during vegging the electricity will cost you $483.84/month

    And that's just for the lights.

    So quit dreaming.
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    You'd probably need around 50 1000W lights to do 50lbs your first run. Expect .5g per watt while your in beginner / tuning mode.
  17. with a power bill that big just for lghts, sorry og, not going to happen, also have to consider air conditioning, fans, and other lights you may need plus the electric u are already using. i can grow 7 plants outside and have enogh weed for over a year, and i promise i smoke more weed than snoop himself. wet dreams
  18. yeah it would be quite the jump from just ur 50-60 bux a month to a 500-600 dollar bill i dont know if i would take a huge jump like that i started with one light at a time and in 3 months i had all 4 going but it was not until the last month of flowering i put the 4th one on there
  19. this is true i did 4 1000 watters 40 plants veg for a month and got 5.25 pounds and that was my first run so yeah lots of plants lots of light if that guy wants 40 pounds lol
  20. On a side note I'd also like to add:

    This is not track 11 from T.I's "Paper Trail". This is real life, with real repercussions. T.I. makes his money from selling records, not doing the things he raps about. If his song has inspired you to get into "the game" while you were smoking a joint with your friends, you might want to reconsider everything your about to do.
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