100% cloning success rate guarenteed.

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  1. up4anything i am new here and these flourex lamps look very interesting.are the lumen figures on the site correct? another site says they are not.are many people using them.also can the lamps be removed from the housings and used independently
  2. It seem to be simple magic on palm of your hand.
    My question is: Can I do it on flowering plant, and then put cutting back into veg?
  3. Air layering is nothing new. My mother in law taught me how to do this, as it's a technique they were teaching 30 years ago when she was getting her degree in horticulture.

    Of course as most of us here are, um, self taught, it's not a technique many of us would be familiar with.

    I have used this method a couple of times on strains that I couldn't clone any other way. It's too cumbersome a method to use for large amounts of clones, but if you are just trying to get a clone or two off a super-special mom that is hard to root, this can be a lifesaver.

    Actually, the way she showed me how to do this was with one of my outdoor plants. We pulled one of the long branches down to the ground and pinned it there by bending a piece of wire into a 'U' and sticking it into the ground. This holds the limb down to the soil as the plant will want to pull it upwards back towards the light. We then stripped the foliage off the section pinned to the ground, painted a little rooting hormone on to the bare spots of the branch which had previously had a node attached, and then covered it with moist soil. I moistened the soil each time I watered the main plant, and in a couple weeks the branch had rooted into the soil, which I then dug up and transplanted after severing it from the mother.

    Same thing can be done with any other kind of growing medium that you can wrap around the branch and secure it there. Keep it moist, and it will root eventually.

    And Potmaniac, yes you can. Once you root the cutting, stick her under 24 hours of light and in a couple weeks she should flip back. I have tried doing it under 18/6 but it was much faster under 24 hours of light.
  4. great idea when the number of plants you are allowed are numbered i heard of this idea a while back think it could be vary helpful

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