$100 Cant Make Up My Mind On A Piece

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  1. So I have exactly $100 and I plan to head to my local headshop and spend it all on one piece. I have one 7" bubbler and a mini zong with a rubber grommet, so I am really stuck between getting a sick heady bubbler with good aesthetic value or an ok GonG bong thats only about 15". My mini zong hits really smooth and i dont have any heady pieces as well as it would be easier to hide, but i also have never owned a glass on glass piece and was thinking about that as well. I dont know what king of bong i would be getting if i spend $100 and do know what i would get if I went with the bubbler, so it would be great if you guys could chime in and let me know what kind of bong i would be looking at for $100 (preferably all clear glass), and which one would be the best option. Thanks!
  2. save up a little get a 7mm tube from mgw for 140$ or 160$ a 9MM hvy beaker, all at aqu4 l4bs
  3. im talking in terms of something at my local headshop and I am only spending $100 on a piece i spend all the rest of my money on bud
  4. All headshops carry different things so it's hard to tell you. Personally I would check out the bongs, just make sure it isn't shitty china glass.
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    If im not mistaken most of their blue glass is china glass, right? Im saying this because considering some of the prices it would seem to be that way at my LHS
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    By blur do you mean frosted? In most cases yes. Colored glass is a dead giveaway that it is China glass too. See if they have any nice branded glass and ask to see them. Then compare that to the bong you want to buy. The weight, looks, functionality, ect. If you think it's china glass it most probably is.

    Post a pic once you get it!

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