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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Droopy5030, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. This is my baby, I decided to grow out of the blue. I took a seed from a good bag that I got from my friend and this is the result....

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  2. Has it shown sex yet? Hope you have a female there, looks nice.
  3. She has started to show towards the top of the plant and yes she is a Female :D
  4. Haha awesome. That looks like the field I tried to germ my Mexi bagseed in. Those tall weed things are great cover, but I ended up abandoning it because they're so easy to stomp on that it was pretty much impossible to get to the spot without making a trail.
  5. what did you do just planted and left alone?
  6. yaaa i sure did the weather has been perfect i haven't had to go back and water at all. Soil is very fertile so i haven't had to do shit!
  7. I wish it were like that where i live
  8. I want to do the same thing! Plant a seed and let it grow naturally. Did you germinate it and just throw it in? Or did you put rocks in a whole (like a screen to drain) soak the soil, then re-dig and toss them in? Step by step if you feel like posting.
  9. Dude thats so cool. That's kinda what I'm planning on but I'm gonna water mine weekly if needed. Nice job though.
  10. Very nice should be a nice sized girl at the end of the growing year

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