$ 100.00 American Dollars, what Lights to get ( Not offline )

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ctcoyote16, May 8, 2006.

  1. Well, i wanna spend around 100 $ give or take on some nice lighting to begin my grow.

    Basically, I need to be able to buy this at a Home Depot, or Lowes...

    Also, the Lights have to be pretty small, none of those huge 4' ones,

    Thanks for all your help

    P.S.: I'm leaving in about 1-2 hours to go pick it up, so everyone please post as soon as possible :p, Thanks
  2. insidesun.com has 400w hps systems for 90 dollars.. the home depot in my town has next to nothing when it comes to grow lights
  3. For HPS I found:


    This bulb has mogul base, 28500 lumens, 24000 life hour, 9-3/4 in. overall length, 2-1/4 in. dia., ED-18 shape, 21 CRI, 2100 K CCT. Mfg #C250S50/ALTO.

    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr> <td valign="top">• </td> <td valign="top">Ceramalux™ 250 Watt Clear High Pressure Sodium Bulb</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">• </td> <td valign="top">Mogul base.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">• </td> <td valign="top">28500 lumens.</td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">• </td> <td valign="top">24000 life hour</td></tr></tbody></table>
    Price: $21.78 each

    Now what would I buy to plug that into?

    p.s., theres a smaller 150 Watt version as well.

    I have been told to stay away from HPS, so Im looking at other options right now....

    EDIT: I just read something I should only be using around 70 watts for my grow space? I am still confused about what to get, and time is running out
  4. You need a mogul socket, reflector, and ballast that matches the type and wattage of the bulb. I think you are better off buying a complete matched kit such as at insidesun or htgsupply-dot-com.
  5. #1, thats only the bulb, home depot doesnt sell ballasts when they sell 400 watt hps bulbs, i know, fuckin stupid

    #2, hps are the best possible light, so whoever told u to stay away is fuckin stupid

    #3, i picked up a 100 watt hps security light from home depot for 80 bux, i know its not a 400 watt uber grower, but depending on how many plants u wanna grow it could work
  6. Cuntie: Please explain :cool: It may work for me too as I am only intending on growing 1-2 plants for only a short time, until they wont fit in my space and/or start to smell real bad...

    Also, Say I wanna go flourescent? This will be cheaper, and wont get as hot, and wont cost alot on the elec. bills.... My friedn says I hsould get a bathrrom fixture with like 5-8 sockets and buy the bulbs, stick them in, and mount the fixture above my grow. I think this could work, but It cant be as big as he's thinking...
  7. Inside Suns 400w MH is 130 bucks and if you ask me its crap. You get what you pay for, i ordered one and just dont like it compared to my cool touch lighing fixtures.

    Its the 400w HPS (for flowering) thats 100 bucks and like i said, you get what you pay for.

    for only 2 plants, I would take that 100 bucks and goto home depot or that sort of place and pick up 2 150w MH security lights... but thats just me.
  8. Who told you to stay away from HPS, and for what reason?
  9. Or you can take your 100 bucks and goto the same store and find the Designers Edge 300W Security light, take the ballast out which has the bulb base built on and can mount very easy.

    Down here they are 45 bucks, so in the US it must be something like 30-35 bucks, and they are BRIGHT and NO HEAT.. you can get 3 of those (900watts) for that 100 bucks.

    But again thats just me.
  10. Here is the flourescent fixture im talking about, dont mind the casing, 2 screws and the entire unit comes out of that casing so all you have is a tiny ballast and the bulb with socket built on.


    Its 27 bucks on Amazon, so you can get 3 easy, and Home Depot, Louws, etc etc should have this as they all carry Designers Edge Products.

    here is a picture, remember forget the housing that will be thrown away.

  11. Here is me using 2 of them (dont mind the darkness the camera compensated for the brightness of the bulbs)

    But as you can see what you take out is very small and mounts very easily. for the amount of light you get its one hell of a deal. And yes its 6500k color temperature.

    Anyone who followed the bubble bucket and bubble tub threads can tell you how fast they grew under this light, the only time they saw HID lighting was when i put it under the HPS for flowering.

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  12. "Complete with 65 watt mogul base fluorescent bulb with output equivalent to 300 watt halogen bulb."

    900W? Closer to 200W.

    And 100 beans can get you a 250W HPS, although you'd have to do something crazy like order online.
  13. So dier: I would take off the casing and crap on that fixture, and screw in a CFL?

    Also, I wanna stay away from HPS because:

    - Electric costs. Other types of lights ar emuch cooler

    - Power consumption

    - Heat. I do not wanna have to make up a huge ventalation system because of the lights I pick ( not saying I am not going to vent, but one of those xard core ones aint gonna work for me )

    - Dangerous. With the high temps, you never know how easy something can catch aflame.

    Dier, mind chatting real quick? I may head out tonight/tomorrow if this will work.

    One last thing: Can you reccomend the bulbs I need? Like a direct link? I get too confused with the numbers and what not, and I dont know whats too much, too little. Remember, this will be only on 1-2 plants at a time.

    P.s., Assume I Wanted to flower quicker than average. Are you saying this wouldnt flower 1-2 plants?

    Would this mean I would have to go out and buy a HPS anyway?

    Cause if these could flower, I would leave my plants indoors as long as possible; until they wouldnt fit anymore.
  14. where do you get holegen from dude, blieve i posted the link didnt i????
  15. It comes with the 300w equivalent bulb everything for 27 bucks....
  16. Jeez, thats great! I thought it woudl basically be a ballast (sp?) after and I would have to buy those 80$ bulbs, but I guess not.

  17. ok i see where it says equivalent to 300w holegen, and i believe it, its fucking bright!

    equivalent watts is equivalent watts, dont care how you turn it for the 100 bucks he can get much more wattage and lumens.

    Just checked the box, the bulb puts out 9600 lumens multipy that by 3 is 28,800 lumens for $81 bucks.

    250w hps puts out approximately 26,000 depending on the bulb.

    And he wount have to worry about huge hot ballasts, Heat and fire, not to mention electrical costs.
  18. Also, i just checked Home Depots site, and they dont have that exact brand. No other security lights that I see have flourescent bulbs. This may be a problem, Not sure though.

    Thanks again Dier, Youre really getting me somewhere.

    Also, Since this would only be used on 1/2 plants, could I use it in a Rubbermaid Bucket ( Those big storage bins)?
    That way, I can mount them to the top lid, and run wires through a little cutout hole at the bottom, and put it in my closet, and instead of leaving a whole grow exposed, its all in that little bin...
    Pluse, Ive seen some sick grows with the SCROG methods in these bins
    If that wont suit, I would result to a 2'x2'x1' Cube I made out of my bookshelf by removing inner shelves.
  19. oh yeah, bulb life is also 60,000 hours :) compared to HPS 24,000 and thats not counting the ballast life :)
  20. Our home depot has them and i have seen them in the US before as well, the home depot site sucks and doesnt have everything... Best check it out before you jump to conclusions.

    im also sure there is more than jsut one store like home depot there where you are.. if not Amazon is great and ships instantly..... :)

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